Russia & China capable of assuming role of great powers on international stage

- Putin & Xi claim

Russia & China capable of assuming role of great powers on international stage

Samarkand – President Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping claimed that the efforts to make the global system unipolar are unacceptable and that Russia and China are capable of playing the role of great powers at the international level. A separate meeting between the presidents of Russia and China was held on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. This meeting, which took place when Western countries were putting pressure on Russia and China due to the conflict in Ukraine and Taiwan issue, attracted the international community’s attention.  

In recent years, Russia and China have been trying to challenge the influence of the West in the global system. China has succeeded in increasing its dominance in the field of trade and technology and has begun to establish a foothold in Africa and Latin American countries. By gaining absolute control over Hong Kong, China created a picture of defying Western pressure. On the other hand, Russia has shown that its hegemony at one time is not wholly over by taking control of Crimea, initiatives for ‘de-dollarisation’ and challenging NATO’s dominance.  

It can be seen from the events of the last few years that Russia and China have started to come closer over the issue concerning the alliance against Western countries. The conflict in Ukraine and the Taiwan issue seems to have accelerated this process. There are signs of the cooperation between the two countries reaching new heights in the economic, commercial and technological fields. After Russia launched an offensive in Ukraine a few months ago, China refused to take a stand against it. China also opposed the sanctions imposed on Russia by the West. At the same time, Russia criticised the policy adopted by Western countries toward Taiwan and supported China.  

Against this backdrop, the meeting and discussion between Russian President Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping assume significance. Both leaders indicated that they were coming together to challenge the US and the alliance of western countries. Efforts are underway to create a unipolar world. In the last few years, such efforts seem to have acquired an absolutely ugly shape. They are unacceptable for the vast majority of states on the planet,’ President Putin warned. ‘There is a large amount of social instability in the world, and China will continue to work as a guide to provide positive energy and stability in such a background. China and Russia will try to play the role of great powers globally,’ President Xi Jinping said.  

On this occasion, the two leaders also discussed the Ukraine conflict and the issue of Taiwan. Appreciating China’s position on the Ukraine issue, Putin explained that Russia is aware of China’s concerns. At the same time, the Russian President also assured China that Russia fully supported the One China Policy and that there would be no change. Meanwhile, the US has reacted to the Putin-Jinping meeting held on Thursday.  

“This is not the time to continue business as usual with Russia. China has taken the stand of not criticising Russia over the Ukraine conflict and has been isolated internationally. China needs to choose a side on the issue of Ukraine,” US White House spokesperson John Kirby warned. 

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