Russia has the right to defend itself with nuclear weapons if the West pushes it beyond its limits

- ex-President Dmitry Medvedev warns  

Russia has the right to defend itself with nuclear weapons if the West pushes it beyond its limits

Moscow: Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned that Russia would use nuclear weapons against Ukraine in defence if Western countries tried to push Russia beyond its limits. ‘The United States and NATO will not respond to a nuclear attack on Ukraine because they fear a nuclear holocaust. The United States and the UK cannot do anything but threaten Russia on the issue of nuclear weapons,’ Medvedev warned. Even as Medvedev threatened a nuclear strike, Turkey claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin was open to talks with Ukraine.  

Ukrainian counteroffensive had forced the Russian military to withdraw from Kharkiv. However, Russia became more aggressive and increased the intensity of its attacks after that. Russian President Vladimir Putin also adopted a tougher stance and initiated new deployments while warning of a nuclear attack. At the same time, the process of annexing the acquired part of Ukraine to Russia has also started. The results of the referendum will be announced soon. Against this backdrop, Ukraine has also threatened to regain as much territory under Russian control as possible.  

Russia has taken control of Luhansk and Donetsk, as well as Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, which are part of the Donbas region in Ukraine. After annexing these regions, Russia hinted at deploying nuclear weapons for its security. The United States had warned of dire consequences against it. However, Medvedev dismissed the warning and reiterated the threat of nuclear attack. ‘We will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine if the threat to Russia goes beyond its limits and the Russian existence is threatened,’ Medvedev warned.  

Former President Medvedev warned, ‘I have to remind you again – for those deaf ears who only hear themselves. Russia has the right to use nuclear weapons if necessary. Nuclear weapons will be used under Russian policies and in predetermined cases.’ Medvedev also asked the West to bear in mind that his statement is not an empty threat. The former Russian president also claimed that the NATO alliance is unlikely to respond to a nuclear attack on Ukraine, as these countries fear a nuclear holocaust.  

Meanwhile, the Turkish Foreign Minister said the Russian president is ready to resume talks with the Ukrainian regime. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Russian President Putin and President Erdogan had discussed the matter during the SCO meeting. Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov has confirmed this statement. Peskov disclosed that Putin had said Russia was ready for negotiations. 

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