Russia launches fierce attacks on Ukraine after President Putin’s warning

- 30 cities targeted in 24 hours

Russia launches fierce attacks on Ukraine after President Putin’s warning

Moscow/Kyiv: After the stern warning by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian forces launched crushing attacks in Ukraine. Around 30 cities in Ukraine, from Kharkiv, Kherson, Donetsk and other provinces were targeted. Missiles, airstrikes, rockets and artillery were used for the attacks. The Russian Defence Ministry reported that Russian forces killed more than 100 Ukrainian soldiers during the conflict in Kherson. Against this background, the British intelligence service has warned that Russian troops will launch large-scale attacks on infrastructure and projects in new parts of Ukraine in the near future.  

रशियन सेनाLast week, Ukrainian forces launched a counteroffensive against Russian troops in northeastern Ukraine, forcing them to retreat. This retreat of the Russian army became widely discussed in Russia and on the international stage. President Vladimir Putin reacted to Ukraine’s counterattacks and the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Kharkiv region. Putin had thereby warned of attacks that would have severe consequences for Ukraine. ‘If there is an attempt to add pressure on the Russian forces, Moscow will launch a more serious military response in the coming times, Putin said. After Putin’s warning, it has come to light that the Russian forces intensified their attacks.  

On Saturday, Russian forces targeted various provinces and cities in eastern, southern, northeastern and central Ukraine. This includes important cities of Kharkiv in northeast Ukraine, Siversk and Marinka in eastern Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine, and Kryvyi Rih in central Ukraine. The Russian forces attacked almost 30 cities in 24 hours. The Russian Defence Ministry informed that cruise missiles, hypersonic missiles, fighter jets, artillery guns and rockets were used in large numbers in these attacks.  

During the conflict in Kherson, Russian forces are claimed to have fiercely responded and busted the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Pravdino region. Russia has informed that more than 120 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in this operation while Ukraine’s drones and tanks were also destroyed. In addition, the Russian spokesmen said more than 200 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the conflict in Donetsk.  

Meanwhile, the UK Ministry of Defence has warned that Russian attacks will intensify soon. ‘After the retreat from Kharkiv, Russian forces are trying to make President Putin’s words a reality, and the scope of attacks in Ukraine is likely to increase. The attacks on places like power stations and dams indicate that Russia may target infrastructure on a large scale in Ukraine,’ the UK Ministry of Defence clarified. 

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