Russia warns that President Zelensky’s threat is a provocation of world war

Russia warns that President Zelensky’s threat is a provocation of world war

Kyiv/Moscow: Russia has warned that the new threat by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of launching attacks on Russia is a provocation of a new world war and will have devastating consequences. President Zelensky demanded that NATO launch ‘pre-emptive strikes’ against Russia and thwart its nuclear attack plans. Zelensky also warned that Ukraine could not wait for Russia to launch a nuclear attack. The Ukrainian president has also claimed that its army captured an area of 500 square kilometres in Kherson province while demanding attacks from NATO.

In the past few days, it has been revealed that the Ukrainian army has achieved great success in southern Ukraine, including Kharkiv. Since then, the Ukrainian regime seems to have become more aggressive. The Ukrainian President recently announced that he had closed the avenues of talks with Russia. After that, the photographs of the Ukrainian attacks and the retreat of the Russian army were published continuously. Now, there are indications that President Zelensky has started taking an extreme stance by demanding NATO attack Russia.

In a statement to an Australian think tank, Zelensky called for NATO to make a strike before Russia could take another step. ‘The international community has seen the horrific Russian attacks. Now, if we want to prevent Russia from nuclear attacks in the future, NATO should attack them first. Create a situation where Russia cannot launch a nuclear attack. Therefore, Russia will be made well aware of the consequences of a nuclear attack’, Ukrainian President Zelensky said as he threatened Russia. Zelensky also warned that it could not wait for Russia to launch a nuclear attack on it, which would sharply escalate the war.

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Zelensky’s statement drew a strong reaction from Russia. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned that the Ukrainian president’s remarks are nothing but a provocation of a world war and can have destructive consequences. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claimed that Zelensky’s statements confirm the threat posed by the Ukrainian regime and will provide an answer as to why Russia launched a military offensive.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelenskiy claimed that the Ukrainian army had captured as much as 500 square kilometres of the Kherson province in southern Ukraine. Zelensky also said that the Ukrainian Army had achieved this feat in just seven days. While Zelensky made this claim, there were reports of Russia carrying out drone strikes in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia provinces. The reports also said that Russia used Iranian drones to make the strikes.

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