50,000 rendered homeless due to the conflict in Daraa, Syria

Beirut – The United Nations has claimed that 50,000 people have been rendered homeless because of the attacks by the Syrian military and Russia in the southern Syrian region of Daraa. Some of these people have moved towards the Israeli Golan Heights while some others have moved towards the Jordanian border. But Jordan has taken a clear stand that its borders will remain closed for the influx of this new wave of immigrants. Therefore, concerns are being expressed about a new problem having emerged with such a large Syrian population being rendered homeless.

Daraa, Dara, conflict, Golan Heights, immigrants, Jordan, attacks, Syria, United StatesThe Syrian military has undertaken a massive campaign in the Daraa region, close to the borders of Israel and Jordan and has been carrying out attacks on rebel locations in Daraa since last Tuesday. It is claimed that Russian fighter jets have also been carrying out air raids for the last four days, thus increasing the severity of the conflict. But the United Nations Human Rights Council has informed that thousands of people are being rendered homeless due to this conflict between the Syrian military and the rebels.

Some of the refugees have moved towards the Israeli border region near the Golan Heights. The refugees have claimed that there is nothing to fear near the Israeli border. Another group of refugees has moved towards the Jordanian border. About 660,000 refugees who have been displaced because of earlier conflicts in Syria are already parked at the Jordanian border areas.

But Jordan has taken a stand of not allowing any more refugees from Syria. At the same time, Jordan has appealed to the United Nations to take the necessary action for the security at the southern Syrian border. Jordan has made this appeal in anticipation that a conflict might flare up in southern Syria. The United Nations has claimed that if such a situation arises, the refugees’ issue may worsen further.

Meanwhile, the United States has criticised that the Syrian military has violated the ceasefire by initiating an action in Daraa.

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