Russia inducts two nuclear icebreakers into its Arctic fleet amid Russia-Ukraine war 

Russia inducts two nuclear icebreakers into its Arctic fleet amid Russia-Ukraine war 

Moscow: Russia is a powerful and effective power in the Arctic region, and indigenously made nuclear icebreakers confirm it, Russian President Vladimir Putin said as he announced that two gigantic ships had become part of the Arctic Fleet. In the ceremony held on Tuesday, Russia is said to have shown its strength by adding two nuclear icebreakers, Ural and Yakutia. In recent years, Russia has focused on increasing its influence in the Arctic region. Under this, the focus has been on developing trade routes through the Arctic, investing in energy projects and building defence bases.  

nuclear icebreakers Research in the Arctic region and the development of the Northern regions, which are part of the Arctic, are important for Russia’s secure future. The development of trade and transport routes in this area is essential for Russia in the face of climate change. This area could become decisive in the near future. The decision taken regarding the construction of new icebreaker ships has been very useful in increasing the capacity of the Northern Sea Route, said President Putin explaining the role behind the new icebreakers.  

Russian President Putin has emphasized increasing Russian capabilities in the Arctic region for the past decade. Under this, new energy projects, trade routes and military bases are being developed. The fleet of ‘Nuclear Icebreakers’ is also a part of it. Also, Russia announced the construction of six new nuclear icebreakers. Among them, the ships the ‘Arktika’ and ‘Sibir’ are already operational. With the addition of Ural and Yakutia on Tuesday, the number of icebreakers in the Russian fleet has increased to four. 

 President Putin informed that ‘Chukotka’ will be ready in 2026, and the construction of ‘Rosia’ will be completed by 2027. In the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, extensive sanctions have been imposed on Russia’s economy, including its technology and shipbuilding industries. Despite these restrictions, Russia seems to have demonstrated its strength by building two ‘nuclear icebreakers’. At the same time, stating that the Arctic is important for the future of Russia, Putin has indicated that the Russian economy is getting ready for new options. 

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