US made a mistake by dismissing the Wuhan lab leak theory: Ex-US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice 

Washington: “The United States has made a big mistake by dismissing the possibility of the coronavirus leaking from the laboratory in Wuhan in the early days of the pandemic. We must acknowledge this and take a bit more aggressive stance towards China. The United States should force China to cooperate in the pandemic’s investigation. If China does not show transparency while doing so, the United States should be prepared to raise the issue at the United Nations,’ Former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said. At the same time, Rice also defended former President Donald Trump’s stand on the coronavirus, saying it had been proven right. 

‘वुहान लॅब लीक’The coronavirus death toll in the United States has surpassed six million. In such a situation, the media is presenting evidence and information that reveals the coronavirus pandemic is a biological war waged by China. Therefore, the Wuhan lab leak theory, meaning the coronavirus was leaked and transmitted from the Wuhan laboratory in China, is receiving widespread support. Thus, US health advisors, researchers and the media that claimed the coronavirus was ‘natural in origin’ are in trouble.

Former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has criticised the United States decision of denying the coronavirus leaked from the laboratory in China’s Wuhan in the early days of the pandemic, calling it a mistake. Rice slammed senior US politicians and the media, saying they arrived at a conclusion hastily, but the evidence against it is now coming to light. 

‘US State Department officials, who visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, reported the safety practices at the lab were substandard. It showed signs that a lot was going on there, but none of it has been investigated. Along with senior US officials, the media is also responsible for it,’ Rice said. Rice said as she recalled the early days of the outbreak, ‘The policy Donald Trump adopted with respect to the coronavirus was just right. He had decided to suspend air services with China to prevent the spread of the virus. Nevertheless, the decision was labelled as racist at the time.’ 

‘वुहान लॅब लीक’Condoleezza Rice advised the Biden administration that it needed to recognise the mistake on coronavirus and take a bit more aggressive stance on China. ‘China had restricted the World Health Organization (WHO) team sent to investigate the coronavirus origins. The United States accepted all of it. But now, the United States must force China to cooperate in the coronavirus investigation. Also, the United States should raise the issue at the United Nations if China does not show transparency,’ Rice said, stepping up pressure on the Biden administration along with China. 

Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice also acknowledged that China had become the biggest rival of the United States. Rice noted that China is a far more formidable US rival than the Soviet Union was in the past. ‘Although the Soviet Union had a powerful military, it lagged far behind the United States with respect to technology and economy. However, in the present time, it is not so with China. China is technologically and economically powerful,’ Rice stated as she underscored the threat posed by China to the United States. 

Condoleezza Rice raised the alarm against China while speaking in an interview with a US news channel. A few days before that, Condoleezza Rice had also made striking remarks about Donald Trump. ‘Donald Trump seemed to be the leader of a group in the United States that believed they had been completely ignored in the process of globalisation and Trump had connected with them,’ Rice noted. Also, Rice said that she was observing it all very closely as a political analyst as she defended Trump against those who have looked down on his politics.

The allegations are gaining ground in the US that China spread the coronavirus to have US President Donald Trump, posing a challenge to it, defeated in elections. Only a day earlier, Senator Lindsey Graham had said, ‘Trump would have become the United States president again if the information on the coronavirus coming to light now was available a year ago. If it had been so, the people of the United States would have been faced with the question of who can respond strongly to China as it has waged a biological war against the country, and Trump would have benefited from it. 

This sentiment is also being echoed by Condoleezza Rice, who is known for making candid and suggestive statements. Therefore, Rice’s demand of presenting the issue before the United Nations if China does not cooperate with the investigation into the coronavirus is highly crucial. 

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