President Putin threatens of Russia’s nuclear preparedness as Ukraine conflict nears one-year completion

President Putin threatens of Russia’s nuclear preparedness as Ukraine conflict nears one-year completion

Moscow: February 24 marks the completion of one year of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin alerted Ukraine and the Western front of Russia’s nuclear capabilities. Putin said Russia would focus on strengthening its nuclear triad, and the weapon ‘Sarmat’ will be deployed in the Russian armed forces in the next few months. Putin also pointed out that Russia will add three nuclear submarines to its navy. On Wednesday, the former Russian president warned against a nuclear attack. President Putin’s statements on nuclear preparedness that have come after that show that Russia’s warnings about nuclear war are not empty.

nuclear preparednessNo nuclear-armed country has been defeated in a major war until today. A few days ago, President Putin said Russia is at war for its existence and defeat in the war can never be an option for Russia. After that, former President Medvedev warned that if there were an attempt to defeat Russia, we would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons. Now, President Putin has again sent a message to the Western front by referring to Russia’s nuclear preparedness.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation on the occasion of ‘Defender of the Fatherland Holiday’ on Thursday ahead of the anniversary of the military campaign in Ukraine. In his speech, Putin highlighted increasing Russia’s military capability and nuclear preparedness. ‘Russia will focus on strengthening its nuclear triad. Russia will soon deploy the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles in its defence forces. A few days ago, the Borei-class nuclear submarine Emperor Alexander III joined the navy. In the next few years, three such nuclear submarines will join the navy,” the Russian President said.

nuclear preparedness

Putin also claimed that more advanced weapons and systems would be added to the Russian armed forces. The Russian president said that large-scale production of hypersonic missiles like Kinzhal and Zircon had started, and these missiles would be given to the defence forces as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said the Russian-Ukrainian war would continue for another year. Russia has crossed the limits, and even as it faces major casualties, new deployments are going on. There are no signs of Russian President Putin stopping, Wallace said as he hinted at war prolonging. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin warned that western countries (Anglo-Saxons) are making all efforts to make the Ukraine conflict bloodier.

Russian fighter jet crashes near Ukrainian border.  

nuclear preparednessThe Russian Defence Ministry said the Sukhoi-25 fighter jet, returning from Ukraine after completing its mission, crashed into Russian territory. The ministry also clarified that the plane crashed in the Valuysky district of west Russia after it suffered an accident, after which the pilot is said to have died. Some media claimed Ukraine had downed the plane. However, the Defence Ministry’s statement clarified that the aircraft crashed due to a technical glitch.

Earlier, there were incidents of Ukraine attacking air bases within the Russian border and damaging their fighter aircraft. Hence, the incident is a matter of concern.

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