Coronavirus death toll reaches 4 million worldwide 

Coronavirus death toll reaches 4 million worldwide 

Washington: The death toll due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has climbed to 4 million. The Johns Hopkins University in the United States released the information on it on Wednesday. The United States has witnessed the highest death toll at 600,000, followed by Brazil and India. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that the actual death toll could be higher than recorded. At the same time, the number of infections is on the rise in the United States and Germany due to the new Delta variant.  

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According to Johns Hopkins University, the global death toll has reached 4,04,516. In the United States, the death toll stands at 606,228, followed by Brazil at 528,540. India, Mexico and Peru have had most deaths after Brazil. Currently, the total global Covid-19 infections are over 185.2 million.   

The coronavirus pandemic that broke out in China at the end of 2019 is still on a rampage across the globe. Many major nations of the world are facing the second and third waves. The first million deaths since the outbreak were reported after nearly nine and a half months. However, the death rate has expedited, with a million deaths now being reported in just two and a half months.  

death tollThe number of infections is also rising along with the death toll. The United States, Europe, African and Asian continents are seeing a growing number of patients. The Delta variant was found responsible for the rise. For the first time since January, the UK reported more than 30,000 patients in 24 hours. Also, in the United States, there was a 21% increase in infections in the first week of July compared to last month. Local agencies said 59% of new infections in Germany this week were caused due to the Delta variant.  

The number of cases detected with the Delta variant is also snowballing in Indonesia, Bangladesh and other Asian countries. On Wednesday, 11 thousand new patients were reported, with 201 deaths in 24 hours. It is the first time such a massive death toll was reported in a single day since the coronavirus outbreak. Besides, experts have claimed that Indonesia’s health care system has collapsed due to the rising infections and deaths. 

Meanwhile, the WHO has warned the Covid-19 pandemic would likely intensify in 22 nations in the eastern Mediterranean region. As of now, the Middle Eastern and North African nations have recorded a whopping 10 million patients, with over 200,000 deaths. Moreover, the Delta variant has spread in 13 of the 22 countries in the region.  

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