Massive Russian attack shocks allies, including Ukraine 

Massive Russian attack shocks allies, including Ukraine 

Kyiv/Moscow – On Thursday, a massive strike of Russia’s missiles, rockets and drones in ten provinces of Ukraine cut off the power supply in millions of Ukrainian homes. Russia also included hypersonic Kinzal missiles in these attacks. The Ukrainian military admitted that it could not intercept these missiles. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of targeting civilian facilities. However, due to Friday’s terrible attack by Russia, Ukraine and the Western allies that support Ukraine seem shaken.

MassiveAlso, Ukraine and the Western countries seriously noted Russia’s attack on Thursday. Before this, the West claimed Russia did not have enough missiles and rockets to attack Ukraine. Against this background, Russia shocked Western countries, including Ukraine, by using Kinzal, which can hit with precision up to a distance of about 2000 km, and other missiles. Moreover, the attack disrupted the power supply in Ukraine, which hit millions of homes.

There have been claims that Ukraine restored electricity supply to many of these homes on Friday. After this attack, Ukrainian President Zelensky accused Russia of targeting the Ukrainian people. President Zelensky also claimed that Russia targeted civilian areas to demoralise the Ukrainian people. However, Russia rejected these allegations. Russia said Thursday’s strikes were in response to an attack by the Ukrainian military on its border area of Bryansk. It has revealed that in the future, if Russia repeatedly launched such attacks, Ukraine could not sustain this conflict for long.

MassiveAgainst this background, the UK’s Ministry of Defence claimed that Russia could not repeatedly launch attacks of such intensity on Ukraine. It said Russia would have to take intervals for such attacks. Making such claims, the United Kingdom seems to be trying to comfort Ukraine, suffering heavy attacks from Russia. But Russia has earlier announced that it has enough weapons, ammunition and missiles to attack Ukraine. Nevertheless, Russia has been using its weapons and defence equipment appropriately. But then, the Ukrainian army still does not have the understanding and skills to use the weapons of the US and NATO. Therefore, some European countries complained that the Ukrainian military irresponsibly used these weapons and defence materials. The media had published the news in this regard citing senior officials.

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