China’s Franken-virus experiment may cause another pandemic

warns Australian journalist and author Sharri Markson  

China’s Franken-virus experiment may cause another pandemic

Canberra/Beijing – Australian author and reporter Sharri Markson fiercely warns that experiments on the ‘Franken-virus’ hybrid in Chinese labs may begin a new pandemic globally. Markson recently published a book detailing the Chinese Lab to be a source of the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview, she also warned of a new pandemic and said that anyhow, the Wuhan Lab secrets need to be resolved.  

फ्रँकनव्हायरसSharri Markson, an investigative journalist from Australia, has recently published a book, ‘What really happened in Wuhan’. She mentions there that the corona outbreak had begun at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). The author claims in her book that the genetic clues in the coronavirus and China’s international campaign to cover up suspicious activity in & around the lab prove that the coronavirus pandemic has originated from the Wuhan lab. Sharri Markson targeted China, ‘All evidence that has come to light regarding the Wuhan Lab provides concrete information. When all the evidence is gathered, it is beyond doubt that there was an incident at WIV. The Chinese regime appears to be trying to suppress it. This is so important that this has not only claimed 4.7 million lives – all our lives have turned upside down. People have lost their jobs; businesses have shut down and kids aren’t in school.’  

Markson pointed out that the Wuhan Lab of China was a leading laboratory for conducting coronavirus research. However, the standards were not up to the standards of Australian and British labs and there was no oversight, claimed the Australian author. She further stated that dangerous biological research is undertaken in the Wuhan Lab. Besides, to prevent a new outbreak, information on the activities carried out in the laboratory needs to be unravelled to the world. She also accused that China would never let reveal this information to the world.  

फ्रँकनव्हायरसSince the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2019, China’s role has remained suspicious. China has consistently suppressed the coronavirus information to avoid reprimands. Moreover, petty claims were raised that the virus originated from other countries. Chinese scientists were stopped from talking about the coronavirus outbreak. Several journalists were abducted. Earlier this year, a report released by the World Health Organization denied the connection with Wuhan Lab. Last year the former US President, Donald Trump, had openly accused that the coronavirus originated from the Chian’s Wuhan lab.  

Later on, many senior US leaders, officials and scientists had pointed to the Wuhan laboratory. A researcher from China had announced that she had the evidence. US President Joe Biden had ordered US agencies to investigate and submit a report on the Wuhan lab leak. It was then that the issue of the ‘Wuhan Lab Leak Theory’ came up globally.  Last month itself, Dr. Peter Ben Embarek, chief scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO), claimed that there are chances that the coronavirus pandemic potentially began from the Wuhan lab itself. 

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