After missile attacks on Kyiv, Russia launches fierce attacks on south and east Ukraine 

After missile attacks on Kyiv, Russia launches fierce attacks on south and east Ukraine 

Moscow/Kyiv: After receiving shocks from Ukraine in the last few days, the Russian Army has launched heavy retaliatory attacks. After targeting the Ukrainian capital Kyiv with missiles and drones on Monday night, the Russian Army launched fierce attacks in Ukraine’s eastern and southern regions on Tuesday. Missiles were fired in Mykolaiv Oblast, while Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson were attacked with artillery guns, rockets, mortars and tanks. Meanwhile, the United States has admitted that the Patriot Missile Defense System deployed in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv was damaged in the attacks carried out by Russia on Monday night.  

fierce attacksIn the last few days, reports revealed that Ukraine had dealt successive blows to Russia. It included incidents such as drone attacks in various regions of Russia, including the capital Moscow, the destruction of advanced Russian fighter jets, casualties of senior military officers and attacks on defence lines. The Ukrainian military also claimed to have recaptured parts of Bakhmut. In the wake of the attacks, Russia fired as many as 18 missiles at the Ukrainian capital on Monday night.  

Following Monday’s attack, Russian forces targeted other regions in Ukraine on Tuesday. On Tuesday night, missile attacks were launched on the capital city of Mykolaiv province. Ukrainian authorities claimed that several buildings, including a mall, were damaged. Many people were said to have been injured in this attack. Ukraine reported over 400 attacks by Russian tanks and artillery in Kherson province. Ukrainian authorities claimed that the attack targeted civilian settlements.  

As many as 16 areas of Zaporizhzhia province were hit with the help of artillery guns and rockets. The area is believed to be heavily mobilized by the Ukrainian military for launching a counteroffensive. Therefore, Russia intensifying attacks in this region assume much significance. The towns of Kurakhove and Konstantinovka in the Donetsk region were targeted. The Russian Army has claimed that the Ukrainian Army suffered casualties in these attacks.  

Meanwhile, Russia said it had damaged the US-supplied ‘Patriot Missile Defense System’ in the attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Monday. However, Russia’s claim was rejected by the Ukrainian authorities. Ukrainian officials had boasted that Russian missiles could not damage the US systems. Nevertheless, US sources have admitted that the Patriot systems were destroyed. US’s leading news channel ‘CNN’ reported this issue while the Pentagon said it had started investigating the damage.  

The UK and the Netherlands have promised to provide fighter jets to Ukraine . Therefore, Western media claim that Ukraine will receive fighter jets like the F-16 soon. 

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