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Europe is the backbone of the Muslim Brotherhood, a former member reveals

Cairo: “The Muslim Brotherhood, which has been declared a terrorist organisation by Russia, Central Asian and Arab states, is operated from Europe. Europe is the backbone of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the organisation derives financial aid from the European nations,” was the shocking revelation of a former Muslim Brotherhood member. In another sensational disclosure by a human rights activist, the European money was said to be used to fund the ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

Muslim Brotherhood, derives financial aid, Abdulrahman Al Suwaidi, destabilise security, Europe, EgyptAbdulrahman Al Suwaidi, a United Arab Emirates (UAE) citizen, made the revelation on the Muslim Brotherhood that has spread across the Arab-Gulf as also Europe and Southeast Asian states. After working as a terrorist operative of the Muslim Brotherhood for 35 years, Suwaidi decided to quit the organisation in 2015. When he discovered that the Brotherhood leaders had planned to carry out attacks in the UAE and destabilise security, Suwaidi broke allegiance to the group. Suwaidi, who was brought back to the UAE after he travelled to Yemen, Turkey, Thailand and then Malaysia, informed the security agencies of the Brotherhood’s terrorist plots.

In an interview with the French Magazine ‘Le Point’ a few days ago, Suwaidi spoke about the financial sources of the Brotherhood. “The Muslim Brotherhood is not confined to the Arab-Gulf states but has its roots spread across Europe as well. The leaders, as also staunch proponents of the Brotherhood, have accumulated significant funds in London and other European nations. These leaders and their aides are themselves the backbone of the organisation,” Suwaidi said. He added that among the Arab nations, Qatar provided money to the Brotherhood’s leaders. Also, like Qatar, Turkey and Iran fund the activities of the Brotherhood and other terrorist groups, another member informed.

Haytham Sharabi, a human rights researcher from the Middle East, stated that the Brotherhood’s centres in Europe played a crucial role during an interview with an Egyptian daily. “Under the grab of travel and tourism offices, and also social work, Islamic centres and organisations, the leaders and supporters of the Brotherhood, collect huge sums of money. What’s more, the extremists in Europe are recruited through this network in the ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups located in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen,” Sharabi unveiled.

Meanwhile, the Sisi government in Egypt has initiated a major crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood and arrested many prominent leaders. After declaring the Brotherhood a threat to national security, the Egyptian government had undertaken the action against it.

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