Eilat city in Israel gets attacked by drones & missiles from Syria, Yemen

Damascus/Jerusalem/Sana’a: Iran-linked terrorist groups in Yemen and Syria have intensified the attacks on Israel. Syrian terrorists launched a drone attack on a primary school in the southern Israeli city of Eilat. Yemen’s Houthi rebels also fired a long-range missile in the direction of Eilat city a few hours later. The Israeli Air Force targeted the hideouts of the terrorists who attacked the Israeli school from Homs in Syria. During this period, seven terrorists of Hezbollah were killed. Eilat is located in the southern tip of Israel, far from Syria and Yemen. Besides, terrorists from Syria and Yemen have shown their preparedness by carrying out attacks targeting this Israeli city.

Eilat City

A drone attack was carried out on Israel from Syria on Thursday afternoon. This is the second drone attack on Israel from Syria after Israel started military operations in the Gaza Strip. After the drone entered Israel’s border, sirens sounded and the citizens of Eilat city took shelter in bunkers. Over forty students from the primary school were also sent into the school bunker. This avoided the risk of anyone getting injured. The concern is being raised about this drone crossing the Jordanian border and entering the Israeli territory.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Yemen’s Houthi rebels fired a long-range missile in the direction of Israel’s Eilat city. Israel’s air defence system ‘Arrow’ destroyed this missile as soon as it entered the Red Sea area. As a result, a major attack could not be carried out on Eilat. Eilat city, located in southern Israel, is a crowded and historic city. The Houthi rebels had earlier announced that their fleet had missiles capable of targeting this city. The Houthi rebels have also claimed to have manufactured these missiles by obtaining technology from Iran.

Eilat City

Moreover, after these two attacks targeting the city of Eilat, Israel launched heavy air strikes on Syria’s Homs province on Friday morning. The Israeli army has not shared information about these attacks. However, in the attack that took place in Syria on Friday, Hezbollah has shared the confession that seven terrorists were killed, and some were injured. With the outbreak of war in Gaza, this is the second major blow to Hezbollah in Syria. After this, reports are being received of an encounter between Israel and Hezbollah terrorists near the border of Lebanon. A total of 68 Hezbollah terrorists have been killed in the Israeli action since last month.

It is noteworthy that the Dimona nuclear project is built in the southern part of Israel. This nuclear project has been constructed at a short distance from Eilat city. Apart from this, Israel’s commercial port connecting to the Red Sea is also present near the city of Eilat. The idea is to build a fuel pipeline directly from the Mediterranean Sea to Europe through this port in Israel. Thus, the terrorists of Syria and Yemen are beginning to prepare to deliver a big blow to Israel by targeting the city of Eilat.


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