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Saudi and allies intensify attacks on Yemen

Sana’a – Saudi Arabia and its allies have intensified their attacks against the Houthi rebels, carrying out a strong aggressive action on the Hodeidah port in Yemen. The human rights organisations are expressing concern about the humanitarian supplies to Yemen getting affected due to this Saudi attack.

Saudi ArabiaFor the last few weeks, the Houthi rebels in Yemen have been carrying out rocket and missile attacks on the Saudi border areas. Some of these missiles have reached as far as the Saudi capital of Riyadh. Other than these, the Houthi rebels have also launched rockets targeting the destroyers deployed by the United Arab Emirates and Egypt in the Gulf of Aden.

Saudi and its allies initiated retaliatory action against the attacks by the Houthi rebels near the Yemen’s border. Also, the Houthi rebels in control of the Hodeidah port were issued an ultimatum to retreat within 24 hours. But as the Houthi rebels refused to comply with the ultimatum, Saudi and its allies have initiated air attacks since Tuesday night.

In the last few hours, Saudi and its allies have increased the intensity of the attacks on Hodeidah Port and the surrounding area. The Yemeni media has published news reports of these attacks by Saudi and its allies. The army, navy and the airforce of Saudi and its allies are simultaneously targeting the locations of the Houthi rebel in Hodeidah city. The Saudi media have claimed that gaining control over the Hodeidah port which is an important trade hub, will throttle the Houthi rebels.

Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, who has taken refuge in Saudi after being ousted from power by the Houthi rebels, has justified the attack on Hodeidah Port. President Hadi said that the action on Hodeidah port was important in order to give a jolt to the domination of the pro-Iranian Houthi rebels. He claimed that after making efforts at the political level, the only option left was taking military action against the Houthi rebels.

However, Iran and the human rights organisations have severely criticised the Saudi attacks on Hodeidah Port. The human rights organizations are concerned that action by Saudi and its allies can cause a blockade of the humanitarian aid coming for the Yemeni population through the Hodeidha port.

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