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“International Islamic Army” is ready in Syria to annihilate Israel, announces senior Iranian Commander of Revolutionary Guards

Tehran – ‘The Islamic army is in a state of readiness at Syria’s Golan Heights region to annihilate Israel and is only waiting for orders,’ declared Hossein Salami, second-in-command in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps(IRGC). At the same time, General Salami also declared that the Hezbollah is holding 100,000 rockets aimed at Israel and in a state of readiness in Lebanon. This announcement reveals to the world, the thorough state of readiness for action against Israel which can have severe repercussions in the near future.

“International Islamic Army”, annihilate, General Salami, Hezbollah, destroy, Israel, Syria, RussiaIn the month of June, the ‘Quds Day’ was observed in Iran. Speaking on this occasion, Salami made some vitriolic and important declarations. Salami said, ‘Israel is facing a threat as never before’, and claimed that all preparations for Israel’s annihilation were complete. The ‘International Islamic Army’ has been formed in Syria. The voice of this army is echoing in the Golan Heights. The Islamic army is in a state of total readiness for annihilating Israel and is only waiting for the orders,’ claimed General Salami.

Saying that ‘The time has come to destroy the Israeli regime,’ General Salami claimed that it would be in everyone’s interest to do so. He also remarked that the Zionist regime in Israel constitutes a threat to the whole world. Salami made some vitriolic statements saying that ‘long time ago, the Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini had tried to explain to the world that annihilation of Israel was necessary and hence the Israeli regime has been apprehensive about Iran ever since.’

Meanwhile, the Syrian and Russian armies are carrying out severe airstrikes in the Golan Heights. The target of these airstrikes is said to be the locations of the Syrian rebels. However, Israel has issued a stern warning to Syria saying that the Syrian activities in the Golan Heights will not be tolerated. Israel has delivered an appropriate message regarding this to Syria and Russia by initiating its own military movements in the region. At the same time, Israel has also warned the pro-Iran Hezbollah of being active in this region.

The information regarding the statements of General Salami has been published against this backdrop. Especially, as the announcement regarding the Islamic Army has been made by a high-ranking official like General Salami, it has attracted considerable attention from experts. There is a strong likelihood of its repercussions being felt very soon.

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