Russia asks NATO for guarantee of non-expansion in Ukraine or warns of massive consequences

Russia asks NATO for guarantee of non-expansion in Ukraine or warns of massive consequences

Moscow – Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has sternly warned, either guarantee that Ukraine does not become a new base for NATO’s anti-Russian activities, or risk a major conflict. Ryabkov added that he hoped Russia’s rival countries would listen to this. But NATO, along with the United States, has refused to accept Russia’s demand. The G7 countries, along with the US and Britain, have once again made aware that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine could be a blunder. 30 NATO members and Ukraine will decide NATO’s relationship with Ukraine; no one else will interfere in it, NATO Chief said.  

guarantee, संघर्षाचा धोका, हमी द्याMoreover, for the past few days, the news and claims about Russian President Vladimir Putin preparing for an invasion of Ukraine have been publicised. The tension in the area has begun to rise as the media and the systems making claims have released photographs of information on Russia’s military movements. It is also being reminded that in 2014, Russia had launched a surprise attack by increasing its military deployment.  

Besides, verbal clashes between Russia and the West have begun; against this backdrop, the political developments have gained momentum too. A few days ago, a discussion was held between Russian President Putin and US President Joe Biden to reduce tensions created over Ukraine. In these talks, NATO should halt its eastward expansion process towards Russia, had explicitly demanded Putin. The US President had not given any concrete assurance on it. However, in subsequent meetings with Ukraine and Eastern European countries, the US pledged to increase defence deployments and cooperation in those countries.  


There is resentment in Russia because the US has ignored its demand. Besides, Russia has signalled to take an aggressive stance once again. The warning given by Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov is part of that. ‘If our opponents on the other side – above all the United States but also other countries, its allies, so-called like-minded countries – if they refuse, and try and torpedo this, they will inevitably get a further worsening of their own security situation,’ warned Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. He also expressed displeasure over the US and NATO‘s expanding military capabilities in Eastern Europe. The Russian minister called attention to this growing deployment that could lead to a new missile crisis in Europe.  

However, NATO and Western nations have responded to Russia’s warnings. At the G7 summit in Britain, it was made aware that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would be a strategic blunder and would have serious consequences. It was also testified that the Western countries would face Russia unitedly over the Ukraine issue. NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg has also warned, Russia’s intervention in NATO’s expansion will not be tolerated. 

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