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US-China trade war may turn into a real war, warns British economist Prof Francesco Moscone of Brunel University

London – The US-China trade war would affect all the economies in the world and likely escalate into a real war, warned a British expert. Professor Francesco Moscone from the Brunel University has warned that the bilateral relations between the United States and China are deteriorating, and as a result, China is expediting its activities to gain control over the entire South China Sea region which can spark off a war.

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Prof Moscone explained the background for the US-China trade war and expressed fears of a real war during an interview with a British daily. ‘For the last so many years the superpowers of China and the United States have strengthened their economies by taking advantage of the globalization phenomenon. China had assumed that the United States would perpetually support free trade, whereas the latter had assumed that China would prioritize political openness along with economic progress,’ said the British professor during the interview.

However, the expectations of both countries received a jolt from each other first when US President Trump announced the initiation of a trade war and then when Xi Jinping got himself appointed as the President of China for life, claimed Moscone. Now with the intensification of the trade war, the effects on other economies in the world are becoming apparent, clarified Prof Moscone.

The British scholar also went on to claim that the Chinese activities to acquire control over the entire South China Sea will gain momentum with sharpening of the trade war. He also expressed the possibility of China making attempts to end the domination of the United States through these activities which could result into a real war.

US-China Trade war could stretch over two more decades, says Chinese business magnate Jack Ma

Beijing – In the trade war initiated by US President Donald Trump, he may possibly win a battle or two, but ultimately he would lose the bigger war, warned Chinese business magnate, Jack Ma. He also claimed that the trade war will last for at least two decades. It would now be impossible to fulfil my promise to Trump of the creation of 1 million jobs, Ma threatened all the same.

US-China, trade war, Professor Francesco Moscone, South China Sea, fears, London, Jack Ma

In the bilateral trade war, the United States and China have imposed tariffs on trade worth $360 billion against each other so far. President Donald Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on the entire range of Chinese imports worth $500 billion. While reacting to this, the Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma claimed that the trade war would be a long-drawn war.



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