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Italy passes a stringent bill to make it easier to expel illegal immigrants

Rome – The Italian government has passed a stringent law with provisions making it easier to deport illegal immigrants and to divest the citizenship of those who were given asylum. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini revealed the information about the new law during a press conference. Interior Minister Salvini justified the new law by saying that it was a ‘big step forward to make Italy safer.

expel illegal immigrants, deport, Matteo Salvini, law, bill, action against the mafia gangs, world war 3, Italy, AustriaThousands of immigrants have entered Italy over the last few years which has led to a consistent rise in discontent among the Italian population. During the last year’s elections, the Italians had expressed their displeasure towards the migrant influx by voting for the parties which had adopted an aggressive stance against the immigrants. Since the time of assuming power, the new government of Giuseppe Conte has become more aggressive on the immigrant issue and the new anti-immigrant law is also considered to be a part of the same policy.

Under the new law, strict amendments have been made in the criteria and the process for an immigrant requesting asylum. During the process of granting asylum, the immigrant will be kept in a large residential centre and the period for the same has been extended from three months to six months. If the immigrant is found to be involved in any crime or is found socially dangerous for the country, the immigrant’s application will be immediately denied and the person would be expelled from the country.

Additional rights have been given to the governing local civic bodies and the police, wherein the police will be free to take any action against the intruding immigrants. The decree also provides to strip off the citizenship of an asylum seeker if the person is found to be involved in terrorism or any serious crime.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini justified the new law by saying that it will assist Italy in taking action against the mafia gangs and the groups involved in human trafficking. At the same time, it will reduce the additional financial burden created due to immigrants on the Italian economy. The new decree will be useful for the deportation of fake immigrants and to divest citizenship from terrorists. It also provides additional rights to the police.’

Salvini, who is known for his aggressive stance against the immigrants, is said to have taken the initiative for this law. In the last few months, Interior Minister Salvini who is also the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, had achieved reasonable success in controlling the illegal immigrants landing on the Italian shores. At the same time, he is also working on creating a joint anti-immigrant front along with other countries like Hungary and Austria.

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