Russian attacks will not stop even if Ukraine drops hopes of joining NATO

- Ex-Russian President Medvedev  

Russian attacks will not stop even if Ukraine drops hopes of joining NATO

Moscow: Dmitry Medvedev, the former President of Russia, has warned that ‘Russia had imposed a condition on Ukraine to not join NATO before initiating the attack on the country. Even if Ukraine accepts this demand now, the Russian attacks on this country will not stop. Russia will now not stop the war unless its set objectives are achieved in Ukraine.’ President Vladimir Putin had said that the goal of the Russian military operation is ‘Denazification of Ukraine’, that is, freeing Ukraine from the grip of Nazi ideology. The media say that Medvedev is singing the same tune.  

Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian president and the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, considered a close associate of President Putin, has been issuing decisive warnings about the war in Ukraine for the past few days. ‘If Ukraine’s war is to be stopped, the Ukrainian military must revolt and seize power in the capital, Kyiv. After that, they should start negotiations with Russia to establish peace,’ suggested Medvedev.  

Medvedev expressed his country’s resolve in stern words, saying, ‘If this is not to be, the current President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, should change his policies and accept Russia’s demands. Only then will peace be established in Ukraine. Ukraine may choose any of these two options. No matter what happens, Russia will not stop short of achieving its objectives of the Ukraine campaign.’ Along with this, Medvedev made it apparent that weapons like ‘HIMARS’ rocket launchers supplied by the United States to the Ukrainian army pose no threat to Russia. However, if the United States provides long-range missiles to Ukraine, it may pose a threat to the Russian territory, Medvedev warned. Earlier, Medvedev had also said that if the threat posed to Russia grows, the capital of any country that stands against Russia will not be safe.  

Along with Medvedev, other Russian leaders and senior officials have also said that the military operations will not stop until their goals in Ukraine are met. Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that the purpose of his military operation is the ‘Denazification of Ukraine’. Therefore, the media has highlighted it, given the recent statements from Russia. The press and analysts from the US and Europe also accuse Russia of plotting to overthrow President Zelensky’s government in Ukraine. At the same time, they are also claiming that Volodymyr Zelensky is a puppet brought to power by the United States and Western countries. Earlier, Russia made crushing accusations that Zelensky was being used as a puppet for using Ukraine against Russia.  

Against this background, Medvedev’s new warning about Ukraine is noteworthy. Therefore, Russia is sending the message that the war in Ukraine will not stop until Zelensky continues to hold the position of the President of Ukraine.  

Due to this reason, Zelensky is not ready to retreat even after the massive damage inflicted on Ukraine by Russian attacks. Russia consistently warns that the United States and the West have nothing to do with Ukraine and its people and only want to use Ukraine against Russia. Russia seems to be putting a lot of effort into getting this message across, especially to the people of Ukraine. 

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