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Guided bullets, exoskeleton, killer insects, space war planes: US military to have DARPA’s sci-fi weapons

London – The US military could soon be possessing science fiction weapons much like the ones appearing in Hollywood movies. The United States has developed guided bullet for the sniper rifles akin the guided missiles, an exoskeleton which enhances the soldier’s physical capabilities turning them into ‘super soldiers’ at the battlefield, insects infected with engineered viruses, drones that can track or target submarines, phantom planes for space wars and systems to detect a nuclear or radioactive strike. These super-advanced weapons and technologies are believed to be soon inducted into the US military.

US military, developed advanced weaponry, Guided Bullets, Exoskeleton, ballistic missiles, preparations to counter Russia, ww3, London, ChinaThe US’s highly confidential and controversial defence laboratory, the ‘Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’ or the DARPA has developed and tested the weapons and technologies. DARPA has created guided bullets and killer insects using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The guided bullets hit the target with exact precision. DARPA claims that the bullets successfully hit the target determined by the sniper rifle laser.

The US research laboratory has developed an insect which resembles a grasshopper. DARPA did not reveal further information about the insect. Nevertheless, the concerned official did say that it had been proved that the insects could assist the soldiers in wars and could even attack like soldiers. Moreover, the military research lab has developed a technology to convert an ordinary soldier into a ‘super soldier’.

The technology used for the exoskeleton has been developed to increase the physical capabilities of a slim soldier, just as depicted in the ‘superhero’ films. The speed of the movements and stamina of the wearer would be boosted due to the exoskeleton. The soldiers can be active on the battlefield for more extended periods due to the exoskeleton suit. Also, the suit is connected with sensors and a microcomputer.

Apart from these technologies, drones have been developed to detect and neutralise enemy submarines and water mines challenging the US warships. The drones are being tested since the last one and a half year. The ‘Phantom Plane’, which would look after the maintenance of the US satellites and undertake future US space expeditions, has been developed and the plane would likely take-off within the next two years.

For the last few months, Russia and China had threatened the United States and its allies with a display of their advanced weapon systems. It appears the United States has made anticipatory preparations to counter Russia and China’s challenges.

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