27 killed in a massacre in Syria, including school children, international media claims

27 killed in a massacre in Syria, including school children, international media claims

Damascus – A bomb blast by terrorists in the Syrian capital of Damascus, on a military vehicle, killed at least 14 people. Following this, artillery shelling by the Syrian army in Idlib province killed about 13 people. This attack claims to have slain school children.  

शाळकरीThe terrorists blew up the bus carrying Syrian soldiers with the explosive. Concurrently, the two bomb blasts that occurred killed at least 14 people and wounded eight others. The injured include children. The Syrian army defused a third bomb found at the site of the blast. In the past three years, this has been the biggest bombing in the capital, Damascus.  

The Russian intervention between the Syrian government and terrorist organisations, after the ceasefire, had dropped the extent of subversive attacks in Syria. However, the ceasefire between the Syrian army and terrorists appears to have fragmented after Wednesday’s blast. No organisation has claimed responsibility for the attack. Nevertheless, the terrorist group IS, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which opposes the Assad regime in Syria, is being suspected.  

Within hours of the blast, the Syrian army hit the town of Ariha in Idlib province with artillery shelling. The city of Ariha has a terrorist base. Therefore, the Syrian army declared an attack on the terrorist base. Despite this, the international news agencies have criticised school children being included amongst the deceased in the attack.  

Over the past few days, the Syrian army has accelerated its operations in the north. Russian fighter jets are also assisting the Syrian army in the operations. A few days ago, the Syrian military and Russian aircraft had attacked a terrorist base in the north of Syria. The attack is said to have killed Turkey-linked terrorists. Thereon, Turkey was outraged and has declared a vigorous action in Syria to teach a lesson to the Syrian army.  

Meanwhile, recently a meeting was held between Russia and Iran to discuss stability in Syria, the details of which could not be disclosed. Besides, many countries are engaged in the decade-long ongoing civil war of Syria. Therefore, the possibility of a ceasefire in Syria is imperceptible at the moment. Instead, the blood-stained conflict in this country is alarmingly more likely to intensify.  

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