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Israel forces enter Lebanon from Golan borders, claims state-run Lebanese news agency

Beirut – A state-run Lebanese news agency has alleged that the Israeli army entered Hezbollah-controlled south Lebanon, however, no one has confirmed the claim so far. The Lebanese news agency report gains importance given the threats Hezbollah and Israel have been hurling at each other for the past few weeks. Also, Israel has alleged that Hezbollah terrorists were preparing to attack it through the Lebanese border. Moreover, if Hezbollah, the pro-Iranian organisation, attacked Israel this time, it would be finished once and for all, Israel has threatened.

The Lebanese news agency has accused the Israeli military unit deployed near the Golan borders to have infiltrated into Lebanon on Tuesday. The agency claimed the Israeli military had gone past the Wazzani village and reached up to the Hasbani River where the Israeli soldiers surveyed the area for nearly an hour. Hezbollah not only has bases in southern Lebanon but also has built a missile factory in collaboration with Iran in the region, Israel has accused.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has revealed the information about the Hezbollah missile factory at a UN Conference. Also, the Israeli media has claimed that the Iranian troops, fighting the war in Syria, are armed with S-200 missile system and have entered the region near the Israeli border through Lebanon. Thus, the Israeli leaders have cautioned about Hezbollah possibly planning to launch an attack on Israel at any time.

Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah chief has declared that the Israeli attempts to disarm Hezbollah by attacking Syria, have failed and that Hezbollah has an enormous missile stockpile to attack Israel. At the same time, Nasrallah also claimed that the Hezbollah missiles would target the Israeli cities with complete precision. The UN has expressed concerns over a likely spark-off of a ‘Third Lebanon War’ due to the rising tensions between Hezbollah and Israel.

Meanwhile, an Israel-Hamas conflict had flared up in the Gaza Strip only last week. Hamas had fired 460 rockets into Israel while the Israeli army had launched over 60 air strikes on Hamas locations in the Gaza Strip. Even though an Israel-Hamas ceasefire was agreed upon, a new conflict looms large to flare up at any moment. Given the circumstances, it appears that the Israeli soldiers, who entered through the Lebanese borders are preparing to face the eventualities in any case.


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