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Russia said to offer Israel withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria in return for easing US sanctions on Iran

Washington – A US website has published a report saying that the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has assigned great significance to the ties with Iran, has made an offer to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The report says that Putin has offered to have Iranian military withdrawn from Syria as per Israel’s demand, but wants Israel to ask the United States to relax the sanctions imposed on Iran in return. Also, the Russian offer is under consideration, and is being discussed by the Israeli leaders, the report says.

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On 11th of November, a special program was organised in the French capital of Paris for the centenary commemorations of the end of the First World War. Heads of states and representatives of several countries including the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, etc., had attended the function. The Russian President is said to have made the offer to the Israeli Prime Minister during the event.

Russia, as well as Israel, have refused to comment on the information posted on the US website. Nevertheless, the US website claimed the Israeli Prime Minister to have updated the foreign and security committees of the Israeli Senate about the offer in a closed-door meeting, four days ago. Moreover, the Israeli Prime Minister clarified in the meeting that he had not reacted in any manner whatsoever to the Russian offer. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu told the committee that discussions were being held between the United States and Russia to reduce the Iranian influence in Syria and it included the offer made by the Russians as well. Also, the US website claimed that the leaders who attended the meeting disclosed the information about the proposal. An Israeli news agency is also said to have made a similar claim. However, Russia and Israel have both refrained from giving any comment on the matter.

Israel had alleged that the growing movements of the Iranian military were a threat to its security. The country had said that the Iranian army was near the border of the Israeli-controlled Golan region and had demanded that Russia ask the Iranian and allied forces to withdraw. Netanyahu had warned that if the Iranian military is not withdrawn from Syria, Israel would not be responsible for any further attacks carried out in Syria. The United States had also demanded the withdrawal of the Iranian military from Syria.

Although Russia had earlier assured Israel of Iran’s withdrawal from Syria, it subsequently rebuffed the Israeli demand and supported the Iranian military presence in Syria. At the same time, Russia has also justified the Iran Nuclear Deal and criticised the sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran.



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