France considers imposing emergency to control ‘Yellow Vest’ protests against President Macron

Paris – The agitators in France have sternly warned the French government in an aggressive tone saying that the demonstrations initiated against President Emmanuel Macron were the “beginning of a revolution”. Since the last two weeks, protests taking place in the French capital of Paris and its nearby regions have turned violent. As the aggression of the protestors has not subsided despite the measures taken by the security agencies, indications are that the option of clamping an emergency could be considered as the last resort.

emergency, demonstrations, Yellow Vest, President Macron, protesters, revolution, ww3, Paris, Eduard PhilipThe protests turned violent in Paris once again on Saturday as hundreds of protestors gathered in Champs-Elysees and resorted to arson as well as property damage. Also, violent demonstrators broke glasses of shops, buildings and vehicles with sticks and axes, setting hundreds of cars on fire which also include police vehicles of the police, the fire brigade and other agencies.

The attacks of the ‘Yellow Vests’ (Gilets jaunes in French) protestors injured 23 policemen. The French police have detained about 400 demonstrators while more than 130 protesters were injured in the police action. The police made extensive use of tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protestors. However, the police action was to no avail as the demonstrators turned more aggressive and violent.

The French agencies have claimed that the demonstrations which began nearly two weeks ago were taken over by violent extremist groups. Saturday’s protests in Paris and nearby areas saw estimated participation of more than 75,000 people, the Interior Ministry said. Furthermore, reports said that a part of Paris was required to be ‘locked down’ due to the violent turn the protests have taken.

emergency, demonstrations, Yellow Vest, President Macron, protesters, revolution, ww3, Paris, Eduard PhilipThe protests which started because of a hike in fuel prices and opposition to President Macron’s rash decisions are still not under control, and therefore indications of possible extreme measures have come forth. The developments led to President Macron call for an emergency meeting on Sunday, and Prime Minister Eduoard Philip to cancel his upcoming foreign visit. Sources revealed that the ultimate option of clamping a state of emergency may be exercised to defuse the protests.

The demonstrations which began by the name of Yellow Vests have turned into the biggest challenge for President Emmanuel Macron, say analysts. Only a few days ago, Macron’s popularity was revealed to have slumped to a record low to under 30%. It is apparent that the failure to control the demonstrations would only go on to further damage his image.

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