Policies of Biden administration, in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, will fragment the West

– French President Macron criticises

Policies of Biden administration, in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, will fragment the West

Washington: “The US Biden administration has chosen some options to prevent climate change. These options are breaking up the Western alliance,” French President Emmanuel Macron said as he rebuked the US. President Macron is currently on a visit to the United States, and during this time, he discussed various issues with President Joe Biden. At this time, although there was a consensus between the two leaders on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and other issues, it was clear that differences remained in fuel export and trade

Biden administrationIt is gradually coming to light that all is not well in the Western alliance that has shown solidarity by supporting Ukraine in the Russia -Ukraine conflict. Last Friday, in the meeting of EU ministers, the ministers of the member countries and the officials of the EU strongly criticised the US. The European ministers accused the United States and said they were taking advantage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict by selling weapons and fuel. A senior officer of the bloc had expressed his displeasure in bitter words by asking whether the US was still an EU partner. In the wake of this criticism from Europe, the French President is on a visit to the United States.  

President Emmanuel Macron criticised US policies during an event held at the French embassy in the capital Washington on Wednesday. Due to the new law made by the United States, great differences have emerged between the United States and Europe. The differences have gone to such an extreme that it is doubtful whether US companies will invest in Europe anymore’, Macron said as he criticised the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ of the Biden administration. In an interview with a US news channel on Thursday, he severely criticised the law again.  

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‘The US and France are moving ahead with cooperation on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and many other geopolitical issues. However, the US does not seem to have maintained an agreement with Europe regarding bills related to climate change and semiconductors. Therefore, the opportunity of equal competition in this field has been denied’, claimed the French President. In a discussion with Biden at the White House on Thursday, Macron raised the issue of the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ again. At this point, Biden tried to defend himself by saying, “I can’t apologise for this because I signed the law.” At the same time, he assured Macron that some amendments could be made to the law.  

Both presidents expressed their determination to continue the assistance being provided to Ukraine by the US and European countries on the Russia-Ukraine issue. US President Biden also claimed at this time that he is ready for talks with Putin if he decides to stop the attack. Although the US and France are cooperating on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and some other issues, it has also been noted that there are differences between them over many other topics. Last year, tension arose between France and the United States due to the ‘AUKUS Deal’ that the US made with Australia with the help of the UK. France had also decided to recall its ambassador to the United States. Therefore, the Macron-Biden meeting shows that the differences between the two countries have not been completely resolved. 

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