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Israel would attack Iran for survival: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Jerusalem: ‘Our red line is Israel’s security. Iran as also its supporters based in Syria and Lebanon had attempted to cross the red line. The Israeli military had appropriately retaliated against them with counter attacks. However, in the future, if Iran threatens Israel’s survival, Israel may directly hit Iran,’ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said while issuing a stern warning to Iran. The Israeli Prime Minister, thus threatened Iran while talking to foreign journalists.

Iran is trying to increase its influence in the Middle East, and it poses a threat not only to Israel but also to the Arab-Gulf states and the European countries. On Wednesday, the Israeli Prime Minister expressed concern over the increasing influence of Iran and ISIS in the Middle East, while addressing foreign correspondents at a press conference. One of the reporters questioned Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding Israel’s military action in Syria. Netanyahu justified Israel’s air raids in Syria while also emphasising on the Israeli operation in Syria not being against the Syrian army or the people.

“Our red line is Israel’s survival,” said Netanyahu. He clarified his stand by saying, ‘The dangerous activities of the Iranian soldiers and Hezbollah terrorists in Syria threatened Israel’s existence. That is why the Israeli military carried out attacks on Iran and Hezbollah locations in Syria.’ Furthermore, Iran has always threatened of wiping out the state of Israel from the world map, he reminded.

While answering a question posed by a reporter which said, ‘What if Iran threatened Israel’s existence?’ Netanyahu replied, ‘I’m not ruling out a military option to defend ourselves’. He asserted that Israel was not denying the possibility of striking Iran if necessary.

Prime Minister Netanyahu mentioned that due to the aggressive Iranian policies in the Middle East vis-a-vis Israel’s counter-terrorism activities and its technological advancements had prompted the countries in the Middle East, who were once opposed to Israel, to extend a hand in friendship towards it. To make his point Netanyahu referred to his Oman visit. He claimed that a new relationship was developing between the Arab countries and Israel.

Meanwhile, the Israeli defence ministry leaders and military officials recently visited Russia to discuss the activities of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria. After the visit, Israel had declared that Russia had corroborated Israel’s stand over Syria.

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