US peace envoy holds talks with Taliban in Qatar

US peace envoy holds talks with Taliban in Qatar

Washington: Zalmay Khalilzad, a US envoy appointed specifically for peace talks in Afghanistan, held discussions with the Taliban. Following the discussions in Qatar, Khalilzad has reportedly also visited Afghanistan. It is the second US discussion held with Taliban in the last four months. The details of the discussions have not yet been revealed. Also, the US Department of State has denied comment with regard to the discussions.

US envoy, talks, Afghan government, 9/11 attacks, Taliban, discussions, world war 3, Qatar, PakistanThe United States had declared a war against terror in Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks. The war has extended for 17 long years and yet the United States has not been able to win it. Although the war is currently being fought by the Afghan government and military, the United States has not completely withdrawn from it. Since the last few months, the Taliban is forging ahead in the war and the condition of the Afghani military is becoming difficult by the day.

As the intensity of the Taliban attacks is on the rise, the United States has expressed willingness to hold discussions with the faction. The Afghan government also had proposed talks to it. Taliban who rejected the Afghan government’s proposal for talks, has now shown willingness for talks with the United States twice in the last four months. The exact details of the discussions held in Qatar have not been disclosed. Nevertheless, major effects of the discussions between the United States and Taliban may be seen in the times to come.

Not holding discussions with any terrorist organisation is a US national policy. Whereas, the Taliban had taken an adamant stand of not holding any discussions with the United States unless it withdrew completely from Afghanistan. However, both sides have backtracked on their stand and show signs of a likely compromise. The United States had lead to the creation of Taliban with help from Pakistan, at the time of the Soviet Union’s invasion over Afghanistan. Even so, the Taliban terrorists attacked the US soldiers in its war against terror, in Afghanistan. Thus, the US policy was criticised all over the world of being a failure.

US envoy, talks, Afghan government, 9/11 attacks, Taliban, discussions, world war 3, Qatar, PakistanEven if the discussions of the United States with the Taliban are successful, there is no possibility of a US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Analysts, on the contrary are claiming that an unstable Afghanistan would actually be beneficial to the United States’ interests. Although a certain amount of stability in Afghanistan would enable the United States to fulfil its objectives. Hence, there appears a strong possibility of this being the US motive behind holding discussions with the Taliban.

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