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US trying to besiege China strategically, says former US diplomat Jim Jatras

Washington – ‘US President Donald Trump’s stance in deploying the US military in South Korea while also trying to establish peace with North Korea, is not to ensure South Korea’s security. The deployment is made against China. The Trump administration has made the moves to strategically besiege China’, says a former US diplomat Jim Jatras.

During an interview with a Russian news channel, Jatras, who is also a former US foreign policy advisor, stated that it was difficult to comprehend President Trump’s policies. ‘President Trump and his high-ranking officials in his administration appear to be in disagreement over several issues. One of the reasons behind it being that Trump’s plans cannot be made public unlike those of his administrative officials’, claimed Jatras. He mentioned Syria and North Korea as examples.

The officials of the Trump administration were of the opinion that the US should not involve in negotiations with North Korea but take direct action instead. However, Trump shocked them by meeting North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore. After that, the administration was in agreement with President Trump on North Korea’s disarmament. Nevertheless, Jatras claimed that Trump’s meet with Kim Jong-un was a mere political strategy.

Trump’s decision to maintain permanent US military deployment in South Korea despite negotiations with North Korea, was taking into account the China angle. Hence, the US does not make successful talks with North Korea. If the negotiations are a success, the US president would have to withdraw the 29,000 US troops currently deployed in South Korea, which is something he does not wish to do.

‘The deployment of US troops in South Korea is not against North Korea but are meant to encircle China. That is the reason Trump never attempts to resolve the dispute between the Korean nations completely. At the same time, he doesn’t allow North Korea to go against the US either,’ claimed Jim Jatras. Some analysts have highlighted that North Korea has not tested a single nuclear weapon or missile since the Trump-Kim meet. Complimenting Trump’s diplomatic and strategic policies, Jatras stated that the US manoeuvres in the South China Sea were also a part of the strategy to besiege China. 

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