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Afghanistan complains against Pakistan to the UN Security Council amid mounting global pressure

New York / Kabul / Tehran – Afghanistan has adopted an aggressive stance against Pakistan, which is carrying out terrorist attacks in India, Iran and the neighbouring countries, as also has lodged a complaint against the state in the UN Security Council. The Pakistani Army is launching rocket attacks on the Afghan border and is violating their airspace, Afghanistan alleged. Thus, the pressure on Pakistan appears to be mounting as all the neighbouring countries except China, have taken a stance against it.

Afghanistan, complains against Pakistan, UN Security Council, Pakistan, allege, Kabul, IranThe Afghanistan government has alleged in the letter to the UN Security Council that the Pakistani Army is consistently violating their territory. “Since 2012, the Pakistani Army is carrying out rocket and mortar attacks on the Afghan border. Also, the Pakistani military helicopters are regularly intruding into Afghanistan and violating the airspace”, the Afghan government wrote in the letter.

The Afghan government expressed its anger in the letter to the UNSC saying that the Pakistani military was consistently violating the Afghan airspace and thus challenging their nation’s sovereignty. Furthermore, Pakistani helicopters were intruding in the Kunar and Nangarhar provinces close to the Pakistan border, Nazifullah Salarzai, the Afghanistan Ambassador to the UN, informed.

Afghanistan, complains against Pakistan, UN Security Council, Pakistan, allege, Kabul, IranIn the letter, the Afghan government goes on to accuse Pakistan by saying that despite being served with the UNSC notices, the country continues to build security posts as also barbwire fences inside the Afghan territory. The Ashraf Ghani government has appealed to the UNSC to take cognisance of the intrusion and reprimand Pakistan by taking ‘necessary measures to address the matter at hand in an effective manner’. It is the second letter sent by the Afghanistan government to the UN Security Council.

Last week, Afghanistan wrote against Pakistan to the UNSC for the first time. Their government severely criticised Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan meeting the Taliban. In the letter, Afghanistan alleged that the meeting was a challenge to the Afghan peace talks and their national sovereignty. After that, even the Taliban was forced to withdraw from the dialogue.

Between 2012 and 2018, Afghanistan has lodged 281 complaints against Pakistan. Nevertheless, the country has adopted an aggressive stance against Pakistan in the UN Security Council for the last few weeks. ‘Apart from Afghanistan, Pakistan is involved in a conflict even on the Iranian border Iran has accused the Pakistani government of not taking action against the terrorists based in its border areas. Tehran has criticised that the terrorists intrude into the Iranian territory and carrying out attacks. Moreover, Iran has threatened to attack the Pakistani territory and hit the terrorist bases if their the Pakistani government fails to take timely action against the terrorists.

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