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India deploys heavy calibre weapons along LoC and expert war-hardened officers to Pakistan border

New Delhi – The Commander of the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Gen Raymond Thomas met India’s Chief of the Army Staff Gen Bipin Rawat. They are said to have deliberated over the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan. The meeting comes against the backdrop of Pakistani media claims of India holding secret meetings with the army top brass of leading nations. Additionally, Indian Army officials who are battle-hardened and have vast experience have reportedly been deployed at the ‘Line of Control’. Pakistan is taking cognisance of India’s preparations while their analysts have voiced concerns over it saying that India is preparing for a major military operation to bash Pakistan.

India has deployed the Bofors guns along the LoC and has begun using it to retaliate against Pakistani shelling. The conflict between both nations on the border is intensifying by the day. Meanwhile, Pakistan has moved its troops from the Afghanistan borders to the forward positions close to the Kashmir border. Earlier, Pakistan deployed long-range artillery guns in the region. Pakistan has also initiated the mobilisation of military equipment in large numbers along the LoC. Taking cognisance into developments on the Pakistani side, India too has started retaliatory action, and the deployment of  229 military officials along the LoC is believed to be a part of the strategy.

Although Pakistan expects peace, if India initiated a strike, the Pak Army would respond to it with forceful retaliation, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan warned during an announcement at an event. At the same time, the Pakistani media has reportedly said Pakistan PM Khan has conveyed a warning message to leading nations of the world, which include, the US, Russia, the UK, France and China, that “India is preparing to launch an attack on Pakistan. However, if India does attempt to do so, Pakistan would respond to it with triple the aggression. After that, the situation would go beyond anyone’s control”. Pakistani media and analysts are under the misconception that the impact of Khan’s message is beginning to become visible and the threatened nations are mounting pressure over India. It is, therefore, that the former Pakistani military officials have audaciously claimed that India would not dare to attack Pakistan.

Pakistan has also alleged that India was trying to provoke it. “An Indian submarine was attempting to enter Pakistani waters. It could have been easily engaged and destroyed had it not been Pakistan’s policy to exercise restraint in the face of Indian aggression,” Pakistani Navy claimed. Nevertheless, the Indian Navy has rebuffed all claims stating that the Pakistani Navy was completely unaware of its movements and that the Indian Navy remains undeterred.

Meanwhile, the pressure mounting over Pakistan, which fears Indian aggression, is now evident, and the analysts have begun speculating and debating over the plight the Pakistani economy would land into if a war is sparked between the two nations. Some rational journalists are starting to question the capability of Pakistan to fight a war with an empty exchequer that too against a country like India. Likewise, questions are also being raised over whether the Khan government has considered all these factors and arranged for funds as well as energy supplies. Even though Saudi and other allied nations had assured to support Pakistan, in a war scenario, these nations would not be willing to hurt India by providing funds and energy to Islamabad. Until today, only China and Turkey have openly supported Pakistan. Even so, the Pakistani media is making the government aware of how China is now hesitant while adopting an anti-India stand. While doing so, they have also highlighted the fact that leading nations of the world are openly supporting India.

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