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Iran snubs US sanctions, declares to restart ‘Arak’ nuclear facility

Tehran: The threats Iranian President Hassan Rouhani issued to western countries are coming to fruition. As a first, Iran realised the threat of crossing the limit of enriched Uranium, defying the US sanctions. After that, with the announcement to make the sensitive Arak nuclear facility operational as it had been previously, Rouhani has now brought to fruition another threat to the West. Just as the EU conducted the emergency meeting of the signatories of the JCPOA in Vienna for salvaging the nuclear deal, Iran has sent out another warning to the West with the Arak announcement.

nuclear facility, declares to restart, Arak, Hassan Rouhani, nuclear reactor, Iran, United States, IsraelOn Sunday, Ali Akbar Salehi, director of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran, informed the parliament that the Arak nuclear project would reinitiate its work. Iran has mounted pressure on the EU with the reactivation of the Arak nuclear facility, which is a heavy-water nuclear reactor. Also, the Israeli media has claimed that Iran has threatened the United States and Israel as well. The heavy water can be employed in the nuclear reactor which expedites the plutonium production. The plutonium is used as fuel for the production of nuclear bombs. Iran’s decision on the Arak nuclear facility is, therefore, said to be an indicator.

The Iranian Arak nuclear facility has always been widely debated. Israel had accused Iran of producing nuclear bombs under the same nuclear reactor. Furthermore, Iran has never allowed the inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect the facility giving rise to many questions on the reactor.

Even in the Iran nuclear deal that was signed in 2015, the western countries had incorporated the condition to stop all the research ongoing at the Arak nuclear reactor. Nevertheless, Israel had accused Iran of continuing with the research secretly at the Arak nuclear facility after dismissing the demands of the western countries.

Considering the scenario, the Israeli newspapers have claimed that Iran was taking steps towards manufacturing nuclear bombs with the announcement to reactivate the Arak nuclear reactor. Albeit, Israel and the United States have declared to disallow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons under any circumstances.

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