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Trump links Hong Kong protests with trade war; asks for China to resolve the issue before resuming trade talks

Washington: The United States President, Donald Trump, suggested that ‘Chinese President Xi Jinping can resolve the Hong Kong issue humanely. He must demonstrate the willingness to meet the agitators in Hong Kong and negotiate.’ However, President Trump indicated that the Chinese President would not do so in a post on social media. Till the time China takes the right decision for Hong Kong, the trade negotiations between the United States and China stand postponed, President Trump warned. Trump, therefore, seems to have added to China’s woes by linking the Hong Kong unrest to the US-China trade war.

Hong Kong, trade war, Xi Jinping, President Trump, terrorism, trade negotiations, United States, BeijingOn social media, Trump demanded that Xi Jinping must ‘humanely’ resolve the Hong Kong problem through negotiations with the demonstrators. On the contrary, China has accused the protestors in Hong Kong to have become violent, saying their actions were similar to those causing terrorism. Also, China indicated that use of force was likely to crush the agitation. The statement has further infuriated the demonstrators who are now openly challenging the Communist Chinese government.

President Trump has further added to China’s troubles with suggestions to the Chinese President, where he expressed confidence that President Xi could resolve the unrest through negotiations with the protestors. Earlier, President Trump had shown intent to hold direct talks with his Chinese counterpart on the Hong Kong problem. Thus far, China’s Communist regime has never, resolved such issues through negotiations with the agitators but has always crushed the demonstrations in the state with the use of brute force. Given the scenario, President Jinping was least likely to carry out negotiations with the protestors.

If Beijing rejected the alternative, the criticism from the West would only sharpen, and President Trump seeks to use the situation to his advantage. Currently, with the trade war raging between the United States and China, trade negotiations are soon expected to begin between the two nations. Albeit, President Trump has cautioned China that if it did not handle the Hong Kong unrest in the right way, the trade negotiations would be stalled. The trade tensions between the two countries have now been linked to a political issue and could prove to be a masterstroke by President Trump.

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