US to provide ammunition worth $2bn alongside advanced missiles to Ukraine

– includes 'GLSDB' missile that covers over 150 km

US to provide ammunition worth bn alongside advanced missiles to Ukraine

Washington/ Moscow/ Kyiv: As Russia ramps up its campaign against Ukraine in the new year, Western countries continue to announce arms support to Ukraine. After announcing billions of dollars in weapons last month, the United States has once again signalled that it would provide new defence systems to Ukraine. It will include Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) missiles, including weapons worth about two billion dollars, US sources said. The range of ‘GLSDB’ missiles is 150 km. Analysts claim that by approving these missiles’ supply, the United States has indirectly sanctioned Ukraine’s attacks on Russia. 

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Last month, a meeting of the Defense Contract Group, which provides arms to Ukraine, was held at Ramstein Airbase in Germany. In this meeting, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov demanded an increase in arms supply. At this time, the United States had raised the issue of the need to provide more weapons to Ukraine by saying that Russia was preparing for a new attack. At the same time, it was also assured that the United States would continue supplying arms to Ukraine as long as needed. Before this meeting, the United States had announced the aid of $2.5 billion to Ukraine. 

After that, in just ten days, the United States again started preparing to provide large arms support to Ukraine. It includes Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) missiles with a range of 150 kilometres. The American ‘Boeing’ company has developed these missiles and the European company ‘Saab’ is also involved in its production. Therefore, it is claimed that the supply of these missiles will be speedy. Analysts and sources claim that the supply of ‘GLSDB’ missiles will help Ukraine attack Russia. 

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Apart from ‘GLSDB’, Javelin missiles will also be sent in large numbers. Also, the new armament will include ‘Multiple Launch Rocket Systems’, radars and supporting systems for ‘Patriot’, cannons and armed vehicles. It has also been reported that 60 of the previously announced ‘Bradley Tanks’ have been sent to Ukraine by the United States. 

However, the United States has rejected the ‘Army Tactical Missile System’ and ‘F-16’ fighter jets, which Ukraine constantly demands. The range of the missiles in the ‘Army Tactical Missile System’ is about 300 kilometres. Additionally, the supply of F-16s will intensify the flare-up of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, expressed in American and European circles. Russia’s intelligence chief has criticized United States and NATO arms supplies. 

‘NATO is raising the stakes because they still have dreams of a strategic defeat over Russia. But this will not happen,’ warned Sergei Naryshkin, head of Russian intelligence. Meanwhile, the Russian military claimed that Russia had begun to besiege Bakhmut, a strategically important city in Donbas. It is said that Russia has captured two important areas near this city, and the siege campaign has started. 

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