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Turkey’s Syria offensive attributes to escape of 800 ISIS terrorists held in Kurdish-run prisons

London: Approximately 785 ISIS terrorists escaped along with their families taking advantage of the Turkish attacks on the Kurdish camp in Ayn Issa, claim the Kurdish fighters. A video of the Turkish attacks which helped the terrorists flee the camp was released. Also, the detention facility in Qamishli that held the ISIS terrorists came under similar airstrikes and bomb attacks.

Earlier, the Kurds had alleged that Turkey was carrying out the attacks for the release of the ISIS terrorists. The US military and the Kurdish groups had detained 12,000 ISIS terrorists as part of the counter-terrorism campaign in Syria. The families of the ISIS terrorists were also confined in the Kurdish-run detention camps under high security. However, the security of, the Kurdish prisons holding the terrorists as even other Kurdish locations, has become a cause of concern after the US military withdrawal from Syria. The Kurdish leaders have sternly warned the world that they would not be responsible for the imprisoned ISIS terrorists in Syria anymore.

Over the last 24 hours, the attacks on the prisons holding the ISIS terrorists and locations confining the ISIS families, have surged. Turkish mercenaries invaded a camp besieged by the Kurds in Ayn Issa near Raqqa. Taking advantage of the attacks, the ISIS families attacked the Kurdish security guards and fled from the camps after breaking free from the prisons. What’s more, Kurds affirm that a minimum of 745 ISIS terrorists have escaped. Furthermore, incidents of riots and attacks on the prison guards at the Al Hawaal camp were reported as well.

Meanwhile, the agents, who help the ISIS terrorists and their families to enter the European countries, are also said to be absconding. The ISIS terrorists, therefore, appear to pose a reasonably significant threat to the European countries.

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