China wants to rule the world as a superpower, turning its neighbours into vassal states, senior US official alleges 

China wants to rule the world as a superpower, turning its neighbours into vassal states, senior US official alleges 

Hawaii: ‘They don’t believe there can be multiple superpowers, they believe that there can only be one, and they want to return to the glory days of [imperial] China where everybody else was a vassal state, and everybody [was subservient] to the emperor,’ said Gen. Kenneth Wilsbach, chief of the US Pacific Air Forces Command, said as he slammed China. Therefore, the US Air Force should be prepared to infiltrate other countries’ airspace to counter China’s ongoing aggressive activities in the South China Sea, General Wilsbash warned. 

गुलाम, rule the worldIn the last four days, China has intensified its military operations against its Southeast Asian neighbours. As many as 16 Chinese planes had tried to infiltrate Malaysia’s airspace. Taiwan had also accused Chinese fighter and reconnaissance aircraft of infiltrating its airspace again. In addition, China is engaged in disputes with the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia. General Willsbash lashed out at China over its excessive bullying in the South China Sea region. 

Gen. Wilsbach said as he drew media attention to the stealthy Chinese activities, ‘The Communist Party of China wants to rule the world. It wants to do so by turning its neighbouring states into vassal nations so that these are subservient to it.’ Furthermore, Wilsbach said the islands in international waters are not owned by China and blamed it for carrying out subversive activities in the region. 

गुलाम, rule the worldThe head of the US Pacific Air Forces Command, Gen Wilsbach, criticized China for carrying out provocative and destabilizing activities in the region by infiltrating Malaysian and Taiwanese territories. Besides, Gen Wilsbach called on nations in the area and said, ‘The US needs to keep a close eye on such Chinese activities. The United States should be prepared to respond to any miscalculations by China and take action in another country’s airspace as well when necessary. For that, countries in the region should report every move made by China to the United States.’ 

Meanwhile, the United States and international analysts have warned that China could take over Taiwan in the near future. Against this backdrop, the US Indo-Pacific Command has stepped up its air and sea patrols in the region. Simultaneously, reports also revealed that US military officials are in negotiations for military bases in the Philippines and defence cooperation with the country. 

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