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Japan too announces plans to form a ‘Space Force’ to defend its space interests, will work in coordination with US  

Tokyo: Prime Minister Abe Shinzo announced that Japan would also be building a Space Force for protection of its satellites, rockets and other space interests.’ Prime Minister Abe clarified that the Japanese Space Force would work in coordination with the US Space Force. China has been alleging the Japanese military movements are a threat to its security, and a reaction is expected over the move.  

‘Space Force’, protection, Abe Shinzo, satellites, safeguard, Japan, RussiaWhile addressing Monday’s parliamentary session, Prime Minister Abe presented his plan for Japan’s ‘Space Domain Mission Unit’ which is its Space Force. The Space Force will be formulated in April this year as part of the Japanese Air Force and will begin work at the Fuchu airbase near capital Tokyo. Initially, 20 people will be staffed at the Space Force unit although the number of officials, soldiers and employees will be gradually increased, Prime Minister Abe informed.  

The Abe government has made a provision of $460 million for the Space Force which the Prime Minister said was made in last December. The Japanese Space Force unit will work in collaboration with the US Space Force formed by President Donald Trump. However, the Japanese Space Force will play a defensive role. Abe clarified that Japan would not be launching attacks on any country through the Space Force.  

The Space Force will be made operational for protecting the Japanese satellites, rockets that are launched and related elements in space. At the time, the Japanese Prime Minister avoided a direct mention of China and Russia. Nevertheless, Abe said, ‘Enemy nations are augmenting their missile power at a rapid pace. At the same time, some countries have attained capabilities to render satellites useless in space using cyberspace and electromagnetism. If the countries use their powers, the global communications systems could collapse, leading to major upheavals. In such a scenario, it becomes a vital necessity for Japan to initiate such action to safeguard its interests in space.’  

Meanwhile, China had tested anti-satellite missiles, nearly a decade ago. In the past, reports had surfaced of Chinese hackers leading the area of cyberwar. Given the developments, Prime Minister Abe appears to have delivered a message to China with the announcement for the creation of a Space Force. 

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