China decrees lockdown on two cities to contain Wuhan virus outbreak, over 600 infected  

China decrees lockdown on two cities to contain Wuhan virus outbreak, over 600 infected  

Beijing/Wuhan: The Wuhan virus is spreading rapidly in China, where the country declared a lockdown in Wuhan, the city from where the virus had originated and also in neighbouring Huanggang to contain the spread of the virus. All the entry and exit points to both the cities were closed on Thursday morning. At the same time, China initiated a special operation to screen every resident in the city.   

The Coronavirus outbreak that began at the end of last year is spreading rapidly. Along with China, six other countries have reported cases of the virus. As per reports from Thursday morning, nearly 650 people were infected with the illness, of which 628 are from China. Also, the death toll from the outbreak has reached 17.  

Most countries of the world have placed their health agencies on high-alert, and special arrangements have been made at the airports and seaports to screen people arriving in the country. However, Russian sources created a sensation with a warning that claimed the Coronavirus outbreak could turn into a biological threat to the country. Even though the Chinese agencies have said that the number of cases reported is more than 600, the international groups assert the figures are incorrect.  

European researchers believe more than 10,000 people have contracted the virus in China alone. In a statement, the World Health Organisation (WHO) issued an advisory for taking particular caution on the outbreak while informing that efforts for developing a vaccine against it were underway.   

Although the virus is believed to have spread from a seafood market and surrounding areas, Chinese agencies have not yet been able to confirm the source. The WHO and other international groups have therefore expressed regret over the lack of information. Chinese President Xi Jinping has taken cognisance of the fast-spreading contamination of the virus and assured the country would take all steps necessary.  

Previously in 2002, the SARS epidemic, which also originated in China, had claimed the lives of thousands of people. 

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