Israeli F-35’s launch air raids in Iraq on Iran’s bases, claims an Arabic daily

London: In the attack carried out by the Israeli F-35 fighter jets on the Iranian military base in Iraq, 40 people from Iran and Iran-backed groups were killed. At the same time, the missile launchers and arms warehouse at the base were also destroyed in the attack. A London-based Arabic newspaper carried the report, citing Iraqi sources. Additionally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had warned at the start of the month that the Israeli fighter jets could carry out attacks even in Iran.

Israeli F-35, launch air raids, Arabic daily, fighter jets, media allegations, Syria, Iran, KuwaitOn 19th of July, an attack on the Iranian military base at Diyala, near the Iraqi capital of Baghdad was reported. The Iraqi military had refused to reveal any information on the assault although, sources in the military informed the Arabic daily that two major attacks had occurred on the Iranian bases in Iraq. The attacks took place in the last ten days while Al-Azim and Camp Ashraf were the two military bases that came under attack.

The Camp Ashraf military base was under Iraq’s control. Nevertheless, Iraq has handed over the base to Iran for the last few years. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) troops and Hezbollah terrorists were stationed at the base. Also, the base held a large stockpile of ballistic missiles and medium to short-range rockets. A fresh stock of ballistic missiles had been brought to Camp Ashraf from Iran only a few hours before the attack.

The Arabic daily has claimed that 40 people on the military base were killed in the Israeli attack and included IRGC soldiers as well as Hezbollah terrorists. Moreover, the news agency has informed that the nuclear stockpile was also destroyed in the attack citing Iraqi sources. The sources added that after the attack, the Israeli fighter jets struck camp Ashraf once again. Another paper from Kuwait claims the missiles used in the attacks on the camp were of Israeli make.

Israel has not reacted to the information published in the media. Even in the past, Israel had maintained silence on the media allegations concerning air raids that were launched on the Iranian locations in Syria. Even so, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a few months ago had disclosed that Israel had carried out more than 200 airstrikes in Syria. Likewise, Netanyahu had also declared that the Iranian bases in Syria were a threat to Israel’s security and therefore, the attacks would continue.

Meanwhile, Iran and its proxies such as Hezbollah and Hamas, are threatening to destroy Israel for the last few weeks. Israeli Prime Minister had replied to the threats at the start of the month. Prime Minister Netanyahu had issued a stern warning that said, ‘Israeli F-35s can easily fly to any location in the Middle East. The Syria attacks have already demonstrated the fact, although the Israeli fighter jets can launch attacks even in Iran.’

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