Capture of Bakhmut critical for offensive in Ukraine

- Russian Defence Minister claims  

Capture of Bakhmut critical for offensive in Ukraine

Moscow/Kyiv: ”Bakhmut is central for the Ukrainian forces in the Donbas region. Therefore, it is very important to have control over Bakhmut to launch more aggressive attacks against the Ukrainian Army in Russia’s Ukraine offensive. The capture of Bakhmut will make it possible for the Russian forces to advance in Ukraine,” Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has claimed. It is being revealed that the Russian Army and units of Russia’s ”Wagner Group” have encircled the Bakhmut. Therefore, the city is expected to fall into Russia’s hands in the next few days. In the wake of the Russian defence minister’s remarks, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced additional deployments for Bakhmut and said he would not withdraw.  

 in UkraineThe Russian military, which has been fighting in Bakhmut for the past few months, had given priority to it in the new year. A large number of troops and arms and ammunition were deployed. The emphasis was on the capture of parts near Bakhmut in phases. Russia had succeeded in advancing in the area by breaking the resistance of the Ukrainian Army. The Ukrainian leadership acknowledged that the situation in Bakhmut was difficult and had avoided withdrawal from that area. However, considering the events from the past few days, it is evident that the Ukrainian Army’s response has fallen short in the face of Russian aggression.  

The Russian military and the Wager Group have gained control of most areas except the city’s central region. Around 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers are still believed to be stationed in Bakhmut. Last week, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry instructed the drone unit in Bakhmut to leave. Russian-backed groups have claimed that some Ukrainians are trying to leave the city in any way possible. Some senior Ukrainian officials had hinted at a withdrawal.  

 in Ukraine

On Saturday, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu visited the command centre of the military in captured Donetsk province. During the meeting, he was told that he had discussed with senior Russian military officials and inquired about the action in east Ukraine. Once the Russian forces take over Bakhmut, a strategic location in Donbas, they are expected to launch more aggressive attacks in Donetsk, Kharkiv and central Ukraine. The visit and statement of the Russian Defence Minister also confirm this.  

President Zelensky suddenly took a U-turn as they showed signs of the Ukrainian Army withdrawing. ”Ukraine will not give up any of its parts. I have ordered the chief of the defence forces to send troops to support the Army in Bakhmut,” President Zelensky said. However, some media reported that the new orders of Zelensky have created a rift in Ukraine‘s inner circles. Despite the lack of consensus among all the military officers, it is claimed that Zelensky has decided to deploy additional troops for Bakhmut. 

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