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‘BREXIT’ finally done, UK steps out of EU, Scotland indicates differently

Scotland, claim remaining with EU, Boris Johnson, Brexit, EU, campaigning, UK, GermanyLondon: After being a member of the European Union (EU) for the past 47 years, the United Kingdom finally left the bloc on Friday night. The event is said to have ended the uncertainty prevailing on the international level for more than 40 months. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson termed Brexit as a ray of hope for the British people. However, Scotland, which is a part of the United Kingdom, has indicated differently by claiming it was keen on remaining with the EU.

In June 2016, the UK had held a referendum over the membership of the EU. Unexpectedly, the British population had voted in favour of stepping out of the EU. Mixed reactions had followed the verdict of the British populace on the international level. The United Kingdom was divided into two prominent groups after the referendum. One group was occupied in retaining its ties with the European Union while the other was vociferously campaigning for Brexit as a necessity for a better future for the United Kingdom.

Scotland, claim remaining with EU, Boris Johnson, Brexit, EU, campaigning, UK, GermanyWithin three years of the referendum, two of the British Prime Ministers were forced to resign for the failure of Brexit. Nevertheless, Boris Johnson garnered a majority with a firm stand that stressed ‘Brexit will be done’ and attained success in honouring the decision of the British people. ‘Due to the political obstacles, the British people were beginning to believe that Brexit will never happen. But it is my duty to take the country forward,’ Prime Minister Johnson said as he expressed hope over Brexit turning into a success.

As the UK stepped out of the EU on Friday night, UK along with EU displayed mixed reactions. In many parts of across the UK along with capital London, people were seen celebrating the event on the streets, waving the British flags and singing. At the same time, Scotland, also a part of the UK, however, differed in its opinion. Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon demonstrated its closeness with the EU by mentioning Scottish freedom once again and stating that the future of free Scotland lies with the EU.

France, one of the first member nations of the European Union, called the event of Brexit a historical message and called for significant amendments to the EU. On the contrary, as the country expressed regret over the decision, Germany also clarified that they had accepted the UK’s decision. Although the United Kingdom has exited the EU, the period until the 31st of December 2020 has been termed the transition period.

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