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Where is Chinese Virologist Shi Zhengli?

The whole world is praying for an end to the Coronavirus pandemic. A frantic race has ensued globally for developing a vaccine or a treatment against the disease. However, at every point in this race, the doctors, scientists, virologists, etc. are faced with many questions, which China must answer! Here, the one person who could best address all of these queries is Dr. Shi Zhengli, the Director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology or the Wuhan lab, which is alleged by many of having ‘created’ the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Since 2004, Dr. Shi Zhengli has studied and researched all kinds of bats. The most significant find of her came in 2013 when Zhengli discovered bat faeces with a virus 96% identical to the SARS COV-2 or the COVID-19. Further to it, in 2015, she concluded that this virus could jump from bats to humans, a claim which till recently was denied vehemently by the Chinese authorities. Further to it, a 2018 documentary was recently taken down by China forcefully. It was then published by one of their own state broadcasters. In recent times, it had turned out to be an expose as it showed scientists in Wuhan Institute studying the Novel Coronavirus. The film featured Dr Zhengli.

One would expect Dr Shi Zhengli to be at the forefront in the war against the Coronavirus with all her vast experience and knowledge. However, she is missing since the disease has turned into a pandemic. Moreover, China has done little to give any of her whereabouts. In fact, in China, every doctor or official who knows too much about the virus or has turned whistleblower is either missing or is dead. Late Dr Li Wenliang, famous for identifying COVID-19 among patients in Wuhan, is another such example.

It is difficult to believe that so many cases are mere coincidences. As a result, today, every country of the world is eyeing China with suspicion. Thus, as more skeletons tumble out of the closet, many have started to believe the allegation of US President Donald Trump that Covid-19 was “created” in the Wuhan lab as a part of the Chinese biological weapons programme, the details of which China is trying to hide.


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