Ukraine’s military should withdraw from Bakhmut encircled by Russian troops

- chief of Warner Group warns

Ukraine’s military should withdraw from Bakhmut encircled by Russian troops

Moscow/Kyiv: ‘The Russian Army and the members of the Wagner Group have completely encircled Bakhmut. There is only one way out. Ukraine’s military is fighting in Bakhmut. But now they have only one or two days left. In this period, they may get a chance to leave the city,” warned Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of Russia’s Wager Group. As soon as this warning came out, social media revealed that a unit of Ukrainian soldiers, who are part of the Army’s drone division, had been instructed to withdraw from Bakhmut.

बाखमतमधूनThe Russian Army has been fighting in Bakhmut for the last few months and has prioritised the city since the new year. A large number of arms and ammunition, as well as troops, were deployed to the city. The Russian forces have been focusing on capturing areas near Bakhmut in phases. Russia had succeeded in advancing here by successfully retaliating against Ukrainian resistance. The Ukrainian leadership, which acknowledged that the situation in Bakhmut had become challenging, are avoiding a withdrawal from that area. However, the Ukrainian military’s response to the Russian attacks appears to have fallen short in Bakhmut.

The Russian military and the Wager Group have tightened the siege around Bakhmut and gained control of most areas except the city’s central area. Around 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers are still believed to be stationed in Bakhmut. The Russian forces are expected to launch more aggressive attacks in Donetsk, Kharkiv and central Ukraine once they capture Bakhmut, considered a strategic location in Donbas.

Previously, during their operations in Kharkiv and Kherson, the Russian Army had to give up some areas they had captured. However, Russia retained all important cities and areas in the conflict in Donbas. On the contrary, it seems that by taking gradual steps for Bakhmut, Russia successfully tightened the siege around the city. On Russian media and social media, the battle of Bakhmut is being compared to the ‘Battle of Stalingrad’ of World War II. In view of this, the importance of Bakhmut in the Russian offensive is evident.

Russia has continued to launch attacks on all other fronts in east Ukraine along with Bakhmut. Continuous and intense attacks are being launched on Kupiansk, Lyman and Vuhledar. Ukrainian agencies have instructed citizens in Kupiansk to leave the city. In the last few days, Russia has been targeting the Chasiv Yar city near Bakhmut with a large number of artillery and rockets firing. There are claims that Russia would probably target this city after Bakhmut.

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