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China now claims its right over Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan  

Beijing: China has claimed its right over islands in the South China Sea a few days ago and then blatantly asserted its right over Mount Everest as well. However, now it has turned its focus towards the Central Asian countries. Two Chinese websites stated that the Central Asian nations, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, both were a part of China. The Chinese Communist Party is trying to show aggression towards nearly all neighbouring countries in an attempt to respond to all the accusations regarding the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus.   

Last week, China had tried to infiltrate into the Indian border near Pangong Lake. Nevertheless, the Indian Army forced the Chinese soldiers to retreat. Before that, the Indian fighter jets had chased off Chinese helicopters that were seen flying close to the Indian border. Besides, as the Indian military was on alert in the Demchok and Galwan river areas, China’s latest infiltration bid was foiled.   

Just as China was making attempts to infiltrate into the Indian territory, it suddenly claimed that Mount Everest was a part of it to instigate Nepal. Before that, China named the islands in the South China Sea, indicating an extension to its territorial claims. At the same time, China had begun making aggressive moves in the East China Sea close to Japan and Taiwan. With a show of might from all sides, China is trying to demonstrate that it is not concerned about the international pressure while also sending the same message to its neighbours.   

The Chinese aggression appears to be part of its strategy to divert everyone’s attention from the pressure over the Coronavirus pandemic, sliding economic growth and other domestic problems. Only last month, China had asserted its victory over the new Coronavirus. In the last few days, however, new cases were reported from Wuhan, where the virus had originated. Thereby, China’s false propaganda on defeating Coronavirus was exposed. Likewise, China’s ruling Communist Party has received several international blows over the Coronavirus outbreak and needs to look for new ways to conceal its failure. 

To avert further damage to the Communist regime after receiving several hits internally as well as globally, China appears to have opened aggression on many fronts to create a diversion from critical issues. The Chinese regime is trying to push nationalist sentiments by exhibiting that Japan, India, Taiwan, the United States and other nations were standing against it.   

The move of claiming the Central Asian nations as part of China, appears to be part of the same strategy. However, the United States, European and Asian countries have been cautioned and are preparing to give China a fierce and befitting reply to its aggression. China’s moves aimed at provoking others to hide its failure will thus be rendered ineffective.   

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