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China should step back on Hong Kong and respect its autonomy, warns UK’s Foreign Secretary

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London/Tokyo: UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab warned China to discard its plans to impose the national security law in Hong Kong and to back off from this issue. The report on the anti-China protests that took place in Hong Kong last year was presented before the UK Parliament. While discussing the issue, the British Foreign Secretary sharply reprimanded the Chinese Communist Party. After the UK, even Japan has taken an aggressive stance against China on Hong Kong and appealed for an independent statement from the G7 group.

हॉंगकॉंग, चीन, ब्रिटनThe international community has become quite aggressive against China, which has been pushing its policies for domination even during the Coronavirus pandemic. Also, they are targeting China over issues like the South China Sea, 5G technology, foreign investments and Hong Kong, especially the US, the UK and their allies. The warning issued by UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is a part of the strategy. While presenting his report on Honk Kong in the UK Parliament, Foreign Secretary Raab warned China to step back on the issue.

The UK Foreign Secretary warned China that it should respect Hong Kong’s autonomy and the international agreement, and there was still time for China to rethink its actions concerning Hong Kong. Raab also warned China to step back before the Hong Kong issue reaches its peak. During this time, Foreign Secretary Raab rebuked China over upcoming elections in Hong Kong, and the treatment met out to UK official Simon Cheng.

UK Foreign Secretary Raab directly targeted China by saying that the elections scheduled in September in Hong Kong should take place in a free, fair environment without any intimidation or violence. Raab also pointed out that a proper response had not been received from China. regarding the misconduct with the UK official Simon Cheng. The Foreign Secretary reiterated that if China does not change its decision about the national security law, the UK government was firm on providing Hong Kongers UK citizenship.

हॉंगकॉंग, चीन, ब्रिटनIn the past week, a political conflict had sparked between the UK and China over Hong Kong. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson had warned that they were preparing to provide UK citizenship to 3 million Hong Kong citizens. However, China became furious over Johnson’s statement and threatened the UK instead. The Chinese Foreign Ministry rebuked the UK Prime Minister and said that they should take a step back, get rid of their cold war mentality and colonial mindset. Further, they should accept the fact that Hong Kong was handed over to China and respect it.

Meanwhile, even Japan is taking an aggressive stand against China over the Hong Kong issue. The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, has demanded an independent statement from the G7 group while addressing the Japan parliament on Hong Kong. Abe has stated that Japan would take the lead for presenting this proposal and hold a discussion with other members of the group too. Prime Minister Abe has hinted that talent with technical and specialised abilities from Hong Kong-based companies would be welcomed in Japan. Fresh tensions are likely to arise between Japan and China soon because of Japan’s stand over Hong Kong.

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