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Israel won’t care for rules while retaliating to Iran’s cyberattacks – claims an Israeli news agency

Jerusalem, 10 May 2020 (news agency) – Israel has expressed anger at the Iranian cyberattacks that targeted its civilian infrastructure facilities. An Israeli leader has said that Iran has crossed the red line with these cyberattacks. Hence, Israel also won’t care for any rules while retaliating. The Israeli leader was talking to a news agency in the background of these attacks.

Last month, Israeli water and waste management systems had come under cyberattack. For two days back-to-back, cyberattacks were attempted against the ‘command and control’ of the water supply system. It has come to light that the Iranian hackers had targeted US servers for executing the attack. Israeli agencies had taken serious cognizance of it and failed the cyberattacks. However, the Israeli government has avoided giving any strong response to it.

However, according to the report by an Israeli news agency, against the backdrop of the Iranian cyberattacks, a high-level meeting of the Israeli leaders was held. The officials who participated in it were given an oath of secrecy and made to sign a declaration to the effect. As a result, no details of the meeting have come to the fore. But an Israeli leader who was part of the meet has told an Israeli news agency that Iran had crossed the red line with these cyberattacks.

‘We had not expected Iran to cyberattack even the public facilities. It goes against all the codes of war. Retaliation against the Iranian cyberattacks is certain’, these are the words in which the news agency has quoted an unnamed Israeli leader. The leader has claimed that Israel will not be bound by any rules when retaliating.

A few years back, Israel had targeted the Iranian nuclear program using a malware named ‘Stuxnet’. It had damaged some thousands of centrifuges in an Iranian nuclear facility. This Israeli cyberattack had pushed back the Iranian nuclear program by quite a few years. In this background, the warning of retaliation against Iranian cyberattacks by the Israeli leadership hints at dire consequences for Iran.

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