Novel Coronavirus continues to spread, 100,000-plus cases confirmed worldwide 

Novel Coronavirus continues to spread, 100,000-plus cases confirmed worldwide 

Beijing: The Novel Coronavirus, which broke out more than two months ago, and is rapidly spreading, has now infected over 100,000 people. The outbreak had originated from China and has claimed 3,408 lives as also begun to hit the global economy hard. On Friday, the US, European and Asian stock markets fell sharply while aggressive reactions over the outbreak have emerged from Japan, Italy, Iran and South Korea.   


The COVID-19 began to spread towards the end of December and has now reportedly spread to more than 90 nations of the world. The countries infected with the virus have reported 1,00,383 cases. The disease is spreading alarmingly in the US, the European nations, Iran, Japan and South Korea. The number of cases in South Korea has risen to 6,500 with a death toll of 42.

Along with Italy, the disease is spreading rapidly in the European countries of Germany, France and the UK. In Italy, almost four thousand people have been infected with the virus whereas Germany and France, have reported 500 and 423 cases, respectively. Local sources have informed, the death toll has reached 150 in Italy. Further, the UK has reported its first death due to the Novel Coronavirus while the number of confirmed cases has surged to 160. Sources informed that confirmed cases were also found in the Vatican City, situated within Italy.  

As the deadly Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly to more nations, its severe effects have begun to appear over the world economy. Major stock markets in the US, Europe and Asia nose-dived with indications of the trend continuing in the next week as well. On the other hand, gold prices surged once again, rising to $1,670 per ounce on Friday in the global markets. 

Moreover, severe reactions are emerging from people in South Korea as also some other nations over the new Coronavirus, sparking discontent against the government. 

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