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Armenia-Azerbaijan war may spark off a new proxy war between Turkey and Russia, analysts warn  

Moscow/Ankara/Yerevan: The US, Russia and France have once again called on both nations to exercise ceasefire to end the ongoing Armenia-Azerbaijan war in Central Asia. However, Azerbaijan, as well as Turkey, which is supporting it in battle, have rejected the appeals and begun adding conditions instead. Turkey had refused to comply with the request of the international community, even in the past. Its refusal has drawn the ire of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and analysts now warn that the Armenia-Azerbaijan war may turn into a proxy war between Russia and Turkey.  

In the past ten days, heavy fighting has erupted in the Central Asian nations of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Hundreds of people have lost their lives in the war, which include soldiers and civilians from both sides. Also, Armenia and Azerbaijan, both are amassing a large number of troops along their borders and are launching pounding attacks with drones, fighter jets, missiles and tanks. The use of cluster bombs banned by the UN has also been made in the war. Further, Azerbaijan claims to have seized control of a few villages that are located in the Armenian-controlled territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.  

As the war increasingly intensifies, the participation of the leading world nations in the fight is remarkable. Turkey has openly supported Azerbaijan since the war broke out. The country was also found to have sent a large number of terrorists as even weapons to Azerbaijan. Besides, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has asserted that it is his responsibility to assist Azerbaijan since it is home to citizens of Turkish descent. Turkey has thus adamantly rebuffed all appeals from the international community. Russian analysts and sources believe Turkey’s stand has upset Russia quite a bit.  

Armenia and Azerbaijan were both parts of the Soviet Union at one point in time. Although the two nations became independent after its collapse in 1991, Russia still maintains its influence over them. Previously, Russian mediation had helped end the war that had erupted between them in 1988. Russia has good relations with both the nations and used its influence to help put an end to the conflicts between them in the past two and a half decades. President Vladimir Putin firmly believes that the Russian stand would be decisive if former territories of the Soviet Republic engage in disputes. Putin was seen to have openly confronted even the US and European nations over the matter in the last decade.  

Russian ties with Turkey remain ambiguous. Even though Turkey purchases weaponry and natural gas from Russia, the country has threatened its interests in Syria and Libya. Despite that, Russia continues its cooperation with the nation in other areas. Analysts, however, warned that the Turkish stance over the Armenia-Azerbaijan war is testing Russia’s limits. Therefore, Putin may decide to attack Turkey and its interests openly. The events are thereby said to hint at a new proxy war sparking off between Turkey and Russia, which may become decisive for both nations. 

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