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French lawmaker to introduce bill in Senate for recognition to independent Nagorno-Karabakh

Paris: French Senator Valerie Boyer has hinted at France adopting a bold stance in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war by saying that ‘To oppose the advance of Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh means to oppose the expansion of Turkey’s Islam across Europe. Therefore, it is pertinent to give recognition to Nagorno-Karabakh, and a bill concerning it will be introduced in the French parliament. With that, we will be denouncing the activities of Turkey and Azerbaijan.’ After the war broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan, French President Emmanuel Macron sharply reprimanded Turkey and stated that his country would take an appropriate stance with regard to Armenia. Therefore, the bill, being tabled at the French parliament, is noteworthy.  

Nagorno-KarabakhA fierce battle is raging between the Central Asian nations of Armenia and Azerbaijan for over three weeks. Thousands have died in the war, and an end is not in sight. Furthermore, the international community made two attempts at establishing a ceasefire, but they were unsuccessful. Both nations have accused the other of sparking the war, and neither is willing to withdraw. Besides, the war has sharply escalated in the past few days, and fighter jets, missiles, drones, tanks as also artillery guns are being extensively used.  

Turkey has offered complete support to Azerbaijan in its war with Armenia and has taken an aggressive stance on the world stage. Turkey threatened that they would not retreat from the battle until Nagorno-Karabakh was freed from Armenia, claiming the country had forcefully taken control of the area. Turkey has provided significant military assistance to Azerbaijan and is participating in the war with units from its special forces. It has sent hundreds of Syrian terrorists to the battlefield as well. On the other hand, Russia, the US and the European nations have severely criticised the Turkish activities. Armenia accused Turkey of being responsible for the war that broke out last month. Moreover, France is also in support of the Armenian stand and is targeting Turkey. Thus, the new bill that will be tabled in the parliament is also an expression of the same.  


In the meanwhile, the media claim Turkey is currently working on building a permanent military base in Azerbaijan. In addition, Turkish fighter jets were found deployed at a base in Azerbaijan a few days ago. Several defence cooperation deals were made between the two nations in the last two years as well. So, while Azerbaijan President has rejected claims of the Turkish base, he has admitted to extensive defence cooperation between the two nations.  

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