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President Trump had considered launching an attack on Iran – Report

New York: Citing officials, US daily The New York Times has reported that US President Donald Trump was seriously considering launching air raids on Natanz facility, Iran’s most important nuclear site. In the last week, Trump had deliberated over the alternative during a meeting with his ministers. However, President Trump had to cast aside the proposal since his ministers were opposed to it, as per the report. Also, the US daily said that even though the decision had not been made as yet, and President Trump had not wholly disregarded the idea, the cited official warned.  

इराणवर हल्ल्याची तयारीIn the last week, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) had reprimanded the Iranian nuclear program. The IAEA has accused Iran of violating the terms of the nuclear deal it had signed with the western nations in 2015 and said the country had enriched uranium 12 times the set limit. After the IAEA report, US President Trump had called for a meeting with his ministers and advisors on Thursday. Vice President Mike Pence, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, newly elected Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff Mark Milley and National Security Advisor had participated in the meeting.  

इराणवर हल्ल्याची तयारीDuring the meeting, President Trump had discussed the option of striking Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. However, officials associated with the meeting informed that Trump’s ministers had opposed the suggestion as they believed attacking the nuclear facility would risk sparking a deadly conflict. Even so, Trump may consider launching an attack on other locations in Iran or Iran-backed groups in Iraq, the US official warned. The New York Times reports that the official has claimed a cyber-attack on Iran nevertheless was probable.   

इराणवर हल्ल्याची तयारीIran’s most important nuclear facility is at Natanz. The uranium stockpile at the site is believed to be taking Iran closer to the development of a nuclear bomb. A few months ago, mysterious blasts had occurred at this nuclear site, and news reports had claimed Israel was responsible for them. Now, as per The New York Times, US President Trump is revealed to have mulled over attacking the nuclear facility.  

In the meanwhile, Iran had threatened Arab nations a few days ago stating that US President Donald Trump is going to remain in power only for the next 70 days, but the Iranian regime will stay forever. However, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has issued a warning to Iran. Notwithstanding the conditions, President Trump can still teach Iran a permanent lesson in the next two months and will not hesitate to do so, Pompeo said. 

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